The Albion Online Land Auction System

Stupidest system ever. Spend millions worth of mats to build buildings but dont have the cash to bid at least half the value of your time/material invested, means you are screwed. Spent several million worth in mats and initial purchase Cheap Albion Online Gold price but now dont have nearly enough cash to outbid anyone, even if they only bid 1/10th the value I’d be screwed. Yellow/green zone buildings that aren’t right near the center of town dont make squat, barely enough to keep them fed at first, and now almost nothing as people have moved to free guild crafting areas. Bidders may not know that. The income value of a property may be small while the initial investment is large. People that sold their gathered mats can now buy my properties for 1/10th the initial investment.

The entire game economy is screwed and the only thing that makes any cash for crafters is gathering mats, and 90% of my gathered mats went into buildings.

You better at least put a full detailed auction system faq in game. I thought surely they would not make the owner outbid random people for his own property. Even the description in the OP link is not good enough. What is the percentage of the “cut” the owner gets from a lost auction?

Next time, knowing these current rules, who in their right mind would spend the time and money to build up public plots knowing that they could possibly be forced to pay much more than the plot earns just to keep it, or risk losing the large initial investment? It would take months if not years to earn back the initial investment in some areas. Why build on public land at all? Most everyone uses guild property, public land except for a few prime spots (maybe) is largely useless in the long run and yet you want to make us pay millions to keep it from every rich noob who doesn’t know better? Or maybe they realize the value of the building cost and I have to pay the value of the building every few weeks if I want to keep what I already earned?

I will certainly not build plots right off the bat next go around, if I was going to get property at all I’d wait till built property goes up for bid and steal it from some poor schmuck who doesnt happen to have liquid cash. Even that would would be silly though because whatever you pay is probably not worth the income and you’ll probably have to pay the same amount or more over and over untill everyone figures out that out of the way public property doesn’t earn much for income.

A simple rent & taxation system and max # of properties per account is the only way to go with ownable plots. With such a wacked out economy, what made you guys think the current system was a logical and fair?

Initial 400k purchase for a 4 slot plot. Probably 3+ million per tier 5 building at 1st/2nd week prices. Cheaper now, granted… To date have probably made back the 400k plot purchase, and spent most of that to keep them fed – worsened by capacity regen bug.. Rates had to be so low to get anyone to come to outskirts of town that it was little more than a break even at best, not counting mats. It doesnt earn shit, but that does not mean the property is worthless to me. I worked for it. Now any idiot can take it from me only to be disapointed by the income and then later enraged much like me at losing Albion Online Silver his investment to the next schmuck next month?


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