How do you feel about Albion Online’s items and abilities

We have over 600+ items in our game, each of them having different abilities.
It is impossible that all of these items are equally balanced
Our first priority is to avoid heavily OP weapons/abilities
However they still will happen once in a while, in this case our goal is to act fast. This means:

First we really want to be 100% sure that a weapon is extremely OP!
If we can confirm this it takes a few days still until we have changed it

Why is that?
Cause we do not want to just randomly nerf it again …
… but come up with a proper solution which puts it back with the help of enough Albion Online Gold, where it belongs
For all other balancing issues we are doing constant tests with people from the community evaluating our items and abilities

We have a forum where you can make your case in case you think a weapon is OP or UP:…wered-Underpowered-Items/

If you make your case post DATA, otherwise we will simply ignore your post
In terms of Balancing DATA > everything.
In addition to DATA we prefer also videos of the OP/UP weapon.
Please note that different weapons have different purposes in the game.

One weapon might not be suitable for Albion Online Silver but is awesome for PvE
Noteworthy: Not all items got the love they deserve yet. Some have fewer spells and therefore maybe a worse option right now

Noteworthy2: Dont forget since last alpha we more than doubled the amount of spells so we did expect a lot of unbalanced weapons which we now can fix

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