Main Arguments in the P2W Debate

1. The “Indirect advantage via trade argument” (Pro P2W)
The argument says that you get an advantage by doing the following: Buy gold with real money. Trade that gold away to other players for items and/or silver. Therefore, indirectly, you have just bought yourself an advantage.
The counterargument does states that while you do obtain items or silver in this way, it is not an issue because i) Another player has gotten the benefits for your trade, in terms of the gold you paid him Albion Online Gold. So it is not just you who “wins”, it is the other player or other players as well. So you could call it “pay for others to win”. This is very similar to the Plex system in Eve Online, that is widely considered not be to Pay to Win.

2. The “Reduced Need for Silver Farming” argument (Pro P2W)
The argument says that if you obtain gold via real money, you can progress in the game without having to worry about earning silver that much. As a result, you can advance faster.

The counter-argument states that while this is true, it should rather be called “pay to save time” or “pay to farm less” or “pay to play less”. It also states that to build and craft, currency alone is not enough as you will still need the ressources from the world. Or, in order to progress in general, you will still need to collect fame&experience via the destiny board, which you cannot buy with gold.

Albion Online

3. The “Full Loot argument” argument (Contra P2W)
The argument highlights that given that PvP is full loot, if a player with lower skill try to PvP in high end gear, he will simply get killed and looted by more skilled players, so it might as well be called “others pay for you to win” if you are a skilled player.
The counter argument states that while this is true, there could also be skilled players who try and get an advantage via the gold system. The reply to this is that – based on testing so far – high end players usually have no problems in obtaining silver, it is rather ressources that become rare. (as intended by the game’s design)

4. The “Shared Benefits” Argument (Contra Pw2)
The argument states that as silver yields in Albion Online are essentially capped, everytime that somebody pays for an expense such as crafting or upkeep with Gold instead of Silver, reducing his need to farm, it means that it becomes easier for everybody else to farm silver. The counter argument states that while this is nice, it does not change their arguments above.

5. The “Gold for Free” Argument (Contra P2W)
The argument states that as gold can be freely traded between players, it is quite easy for you to obtain gold without spending any real money. Either because you play more and trade away your extra gains, or because you have a special skill or control a certain territory which means you can obtain a lot of gold from other players via trade. This will then allow you to obtain the premium status or all vanity items without investing real money. The counter argument states that while this is nice, it does not change their main arguments above

6. Shared Benefits of Swap transactions (Contra P2W)
The argument says that if there is too much gold being offered in the player driven gold/silver market, the game is going to give a discount on silver prices for certain activities such as repairing items, and you may need some Albion Online Power Leveling. In this way, if a lot of people buy gold for real money in order to trade it away for silver with others players such that the gold/silver rate drops below the reference rate of 100, everybody benefits.

Item Progression of Albion Online

There is currently 8 tiers in the game
Higher tier items are usually 20-30% stronger than the items in the tier below
To find highest tier ressources, you will have to venture deeper and deeper into the open world PvP zones
Items generally get repeated across tiers, So if there is a T3 broadsword, there is likely going to be a better T4 broadsword that is quite similar
Higher tier versions of the same item do sometimes get extra abilities for you to choose from

There is currently 3 rarity levels for items. Common, Uncommon, Rare
Uncommon and Rare items are not a better version of a corresponding normal item, but they are a totally different item. While the broadsword is a normal item, the 2h sword is an uncommon one and will be significantly different in terms of stats and abilities.
Each rarity level increases the overall power of the item by 20-30%. So you could say that a T6 common item is about as strong as a T5 uncommon item

Albion Online

When crafting an item, there is a chance to a get a higher quality level. A higher quality level means that the base stats of the item, are higher than usual, but the item itself is exactly the same. For example, a “masterpiece” T4 broad sword will do more damage than a standard quality T4 broad sword.

Cost vs Power
The power of an item increases by around 20-30% per tier/rarity level
The cost of an item increases by a much bigger factor.
One reason for this is that we want to have an interesting risk vs reward curve, i.e. we want players to actively decide whether they bring their best and most expensive gear with them (at a higher risk) or whether they use lower quality gear instead and reserve their best gear for special situations
Another reason is that it helps to balance the game by giving less advanced players a fighting chance against more advanced players
Currently (February 2015), silver cost for items (crafting and repair) increases by a factor of 3 per tier/rarity level. We will carefully evaluate after this alpha test whether that factor needs to be adjusted (or, whether we leave it as is but adjust silver spawn rates)

Cost of use
If you use your Albion Online Silver, they will lose some durability
Per tier, the durability currently increases by a factor of 2. As the item cost increases by a factor of 3, the cost of use essentially increases by a facor of 1.5 per tier. I.e. if you fight mobs in T4 gear, you will need 50% more silver to repair than if you fight mobs in T3 gear
To compensate that, mobs currently drop 1.5 times more silver per tier, too
So in theory, the proportion of silver income used for repairs when farming T3 mobs with T3 gear should be the same as when farming T4 mobs with T4 gear
Having said that, based on qualitative feedback received from players, we are currently not sure how well this works out in practice. We can promise you to carefully look into this and make the required adjustments.

Dagger Pair/Claws are UP

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Both weapons suffer the same problem of having all their damage reliant on their E (Which is a little too high), with the Claws’, specifically, due to its 30 second cooldown.

URGENCY: Not Urgent, just makes daggers a pretty annoying weapon to level and play with.

ARGUMANTATION: The dagger tree as a whole suffers from a huge lack of abilities to choose Cheap Albion Online Gold, in comparison to Maces, who have 2 Q’s and 4 E’s to choose from. This is along with almost 80% of their damage coming from their E’s makes playing with daggers very boring.

In addition there are other glaring issues with their ability mechanics…

Inflitration cannot be used in combat. so while solo’ing it is only usable before a fight, and with its low range often causes you to pull the mobs you are trying to engage on then having it instantly reset on top of you.

Dash is pretty useless, its hop is too short, and the dash is slow enough to where anyone sprinting will blow past you.

Q does very little damage, which pushes almost all your damage onto your E, which means that the E has to do an absurd amount of damage in order for you to do damage at all.

Very prone to Energy starvation, and being melee means that you have to completely remove yourself from the fight to pop the Light Helmet’s Energy Regain or an Energy Potion. Energy on Hit does not provide enough energy to even remotely combat this.
A lack of AoE puts daggers to the back of the pack in both PvE and PvP.

A Stacking Bleed Q that at 3 stacks does a good deal more damage than Sunder Armor and interacts with Albion Online Items, or a AoE Q like the new Cleave could breathe some life into this one dimension weapon.

Giving a damage ability or alternate CC on W, would provide some meaningful choice
Reducing Claw’s E Cooldown to 20 seconds, and reducing Slit Throat’s Damage by 10% while putting more damage on other parts of the kit.

A Critique of the COMMUNIST Guild Model so Prevalent in Albion Online

I’ve been in several guilds in Albion and all of them so far have gone with this model and meme of “the guild before the individual”. Some guilds are even outright calling themselves communists.

I know this is probably going to get the communists/socialists in a tiff but here goes. In damn near everyother MMO I have played, guilds that took this model invariably led to corruption, guild revolt, and collapse. Just like in real life. Go figure! A good case that MMOs are a microcosm for the real world.

I’ve seen this time and time again in other MMORPGs of old. EQ, WoW, etc. This scheme… err guild model…sounds good on paper. The rationale often given for the communist/socialist model is that the ‘core’ gets geared first in raid and boss encounters to boost and means you may need Albion Online Power Leveling to help you out. Then there are the endless promises that the lesser mortals will get geared second. Even the most well intentioned guild leaders and officers might even believe their dogma. But they often speed to the end game content, see it all, and then instead of helping everyone they left behind, they just get bored with the game and occasionally log in.

Albion Online

Now to Albion Online. There isn’t raid gear to hand out. No what I am seeing is even more blatant and in your face. What do I mean? Typical schemes of hand over ALL your mats and “we will gear you”. Do it for the ‘core’ group. Once we get geared we will assist you lesser mortals. Just hand it ALL over. Do it for the guild. Other models are excessive tax rates to the point where people barely have silver to make it to those dungeon runs to get the officers and ‘the core’ more of those much needed gems and runes.

Guilds that take this model are often the top ranked guilds too. This model works, for awhile. It works for many reasons but primarily I think it works for two reasons.

1) People want to be in that top tier guild. The guild master and officers capitalize on this.
2) People are far too trusting.

So if you find yourself in one these guilds. Take heed Albion Online Silver. You might very well find yourself being farmed/milked on a sinking ship.

In closing I am curious. Are there any guilds that actually allow the market economics to flourish in the game? For example allow crafters and gatherers to actually make money off their labor.

Albion Online Lord Blackthorns Revenge

As someone who has at least 6 lvl 80’s in GW2, I can tell you that game was never a PvP game, nor was it as sandboxy as even this game. The oldschool games that a lot of us revere weren’t about the grind, it was all about the pvp content. It was about sets of mechanics that made the games enjoyable to play, even after there was nothing left to do, no further progression.

I played UO from opening day thru Lord Blackthorns revenge, on the same character that I had already “maxxed” within the first 3 months of the game. Why? because the games PvP mechanics were that good.

I played Daoc right up into the middle of the ToA debacle. Why? Because the games PvP mechanics were that good. I don’t know what era of Daoc you played, but pre ToA, we didn’t grind mats, you leveled to 50, took the cash you saved from leveling, and bought your MP set of gear from a crafter, and then had it spellcrafted with huge number of Cheap Albion Online Gold. It was the addition of crap nobody wanted like high RR and ToA artifacts that is when we saw the mass exodus of players from DaoC.

It was once the games mechanics went all out of whack or became grindy that me and the people I played with and our communities left those games.

Grind does not make a game fun. Grind in a open world PvP game is why this generation of video games are at best play em and leave em.

Grind isn’t about skill, and it most certainly isn’t about fun, and I predict a majority of players will quit long before they see their first set of 8.6 gear from the grind alone, and out of the remaining people who do not have enough Albion Online Items, tons will quit when everytime they hit a red zone in their t6 gear, they get raped by the hordes of modern powergamers in their t8 gear ripping them apart.

So basically what we have here is basically being forced into one linear line, instead of being able to explore the other lines because of the grind, and once again a game that will create a rift between casual and powergamer, and add to that a pretty craptastic 4 to 5 button combat system.

Albion Online: you no longer have to fight alone

All kinds of players! Especially the ones that usually have no guild to begin with.
let me explain, beginning with the most lonely players out there.

The solo player :
Because they are proud to be self-sufficient, family people, or just don’t have a minute to chat. You know them.
These players roam around, they have every skill needed to make whatever they need, but need luck to find a group.
In time, they find someone in the same time zone to hook up with, but joining a guild is out of the question, they cant do the requirements.

You no longer need luck! If you decide to join this guild to get some free Cheap Albion Online Gold as reward, you can still do everything alone, or just give a shout and join up with another casual!
How would you earn favor? By either donating the stuff you needed to grind, or joining up with raids, or providing food… or not at all! All good!

The casual player
So you have a life? Hard to combine with hardcore games right?
So you have a powerful pc, but also a kid? Thus you play on a tablet most of the time?
Did you start to lose hope on every guild recruitment with the line “for active players” or “must pay upkeep”?
Every time you meet people, they progress much faster and you are left behind?
I know how you feel. Solo play is the default now…or is it?

It no longer is! If you decide to join this guild, most players will be in the same situation.
You will be able to simply ask the guild to feed your buildings, or a group to do something.
No matter if its for 30 hours straight, once a month or 30 minutes a day. There will always be support on your level.

The new player
You are not short on time, or happy on your own. And a lot of guilds have requirements you do not understand.
You are the kind of player that owns most games, but needs some guiding in the beginning.
Loyalty is somthing you carry in high esteem, but you have no idea what will suit you.

Albion Online

Do not fear, we are here. You can join our guild, and avoid all the sell-buy recruiting spam of the general chat.
Since we provide basic gear to everyone, you can either just try stuff yourself. Or we help you out.
Once you have a feel for the game, and know what you want to do. Or what guild you’d like to join.
We will gear you up with the style of your choice, give you provisions and if needed escort to your new guild.
From then on its all up to you. We will even put up a good word for you to the guild of your choice.

The altruists, who get more fun out of helping then PvP-ing.
You are the person who is always first to answer questions. And to all’s surprise, you answer correct!
5 more minutes online, just to get that one player out of trouble.
Who needs favor points? You’d do it anyway!
Dps? Is that like Healing negative?

You will be the backbone of this guild, the person to help new players. The player whom everyone respects.
The one to handle the logistics of favor points, because you don’t care about wealth anyway.
No matter if you are like a lone hermit with wisdom provided if needed, or like maria theresa living withing the comunity.
Players like you are a rare type, and hardly ever get the respect you deserve. But not in our guild!

PvP stops the angry voices in my head, give me more!
“Hardcore hu? Lets see if your core is harder then my hammer…”, anger, rage, speed, power… no matter how much time you are given online.
You love the thrill of the fight, and you realize every guild member is the difference between killing and getting killed.
So you don’t mind spending time to teach them, explain tactics, and conquer a couple castles while you’re at it and may need some Albion Online Power Leveling.
You know the feeling, a good group. No need to explain things, they know. No need to ask for heals, its already there.
But you need to join in at least 1 raid each week, 99% silver tax or more if they could, claiming your loot before you even got inside.

Not in this guild! Everyone joins the raids they feel like, and the loot is yours!
If you are in a group, send me a message. Time spend in groups while raiding or PvP-ing will grant you favor!
Got a good result? Like conquer a territory, ganked a gatekeeper, raided a hell gate… more favor!
No fear of losing gear in a risk. You will gain enough favor to just get whatever you’d like to try out of the guild treasury.

Yellow zone changes in Albion Online

Yellow zone changes: meh, its worth testing. Not sure if it is the solution largely because of…

Gold and Silver valuation in free fall… oh lord no! Oh well…
Items are likely to drop in value so much, that death will no longer sting but maybe be a small pin prick. Really no need to change yellow zones at all with the value of items to drop drastically.

Fame, crafting endurance, learning points: worth testing. I do see a better balance with these ideas

Albion Online

I am worried most about the gold and silver changes. Will inflation become an issue? Item costs and crafting costs are all but eliminated (user fees and taxes). Therefore, gold will not have any value. Not only because of the fact that you cannot spend gold in the economy (rather, convert it at an unfortunate premium), but silver will inevitably become inflated to where you can get a better deal from a player rather than from SI. In the winter alpha, I consumed 12,000 gold and 1million silver. I did not see any purpose or value in gold already, other than to leverage crafting and upkeep costs. Going forward, no one would need to Buy Albion Online Gold. Rather than buy 120,000 silver (12,000 gold) for $50, you can buy 150,000 silver from me for $50. With these new changes, heck you may be able to buy 500,000 silver from me for $50.

As I stated in @Bercilak thread and this report, I see a majority of the changes being too focused on one month alphas, one month play testing and one month data regression gathering. The picture must be focused on the 6 month to one year horizion. Did anyone play Vanguard: Saga of Heroes or the Neverwinter Nights mmo? What happened to those economies? They failed within months of release due to inflation (yea there were a few dupes here and there too I get that, however, there weren’t enough sinks in the game to control it. Don’t even think AO will be any different or be won’t subjected to the same vulnerabilities).

PvP vs. ganking/camping in Albion Online

On that note, I laugh at posts where players wish the game was easier gank and camp other players who are disadvantaged. That is not PvP. Rather, that is a player who is role-playing a thief, or is not willing to take on a real challenge. In my opinion, you don’t get a trophy for ganking a player who is trying to farm silver, or slay a player who is wearing gear at a lower tier than yours. Nor do you get a reward for gate or zone camping an area to pick on players who are again, disadvantaged.

If you want PvP, meet me on fair grounds and bring your best gear to Buy Albion Online Gold, so that I may take it from you. Or, have your guild bring their party suits and we will bring ours. Therefore, the best player wins.

The continent vs. the world (long term feasibility)
When I think of Albion Online, I don’t think in terms of the alphas or closed and open betas. I think in terms of where will AO be six month to a year after release, because that is what I am playing for. I am not playing this game for an alpha build, that is just silly.

Here is the current dilemma I see. AO is not big enough for the 500,000 to one million players mark. And based off my observation and experiences thus far, AO can hit that population a year after release. Over 30million players play in this genre. AO is a simple and beautiful game, and it is, the more enjoyable sandbox mmo. PvP games are way more fun that PvE games simply because of the human element.

Did any of you notice that the current state of the game was built on a contintent at the bottom of the world map. Did anyone notice the two massive continents above? Here is my take on where SI can take AO to solve this grand issue of mixing hardcore players with soft core players: segregate the player base. Make those massive continents have zones twice to three times larger than the current zone dimensions, if so appropriate with Cheap Albion Online Gold. The game resources and server resources are minimal, it is certainly possible. The client side resources, however, may limit this.

I feel that the current size of the zones may be a bit too small for successful, open world PvP. I also say that the new lands should be the only lands with resources available above a current tier, say tier 6 or 7 for example, and make it so that players cannot equip that high level gear on the newer player continent that we currently see today. That way only the players who are wanting the most reward will go to guilds that occupy lands in the riskiest places. Also, by having larger zones, points of interest (open world raid bosses, castles, dungeons, etc.) are further from zone entries to discourage gate camping.

Self-sufficiency of Albion Online

Getting to a point of complete self-sufficiency as a new player in AO was certainly obtainable. I define self-sufficiency as being able to craft your own tier three gear, weapons and tools, and being able to farm tier three and four mobs on your own. Therefore, you only rely on the AH for one mount. Becoming self-sufficient in a sandbox MMO is imperative for your enjoyment. I found that AO currently has a perfect model for new players so that once they become self-sufficient, they may venture into more high risk, higher rewards lands at their choosing.

This is crucial to the health of the game, which I will mention more in Softcore vs Hardcore and Long Term Feasibility. Once my girlfriend’s brother became self-sufficient, even he enjoyed the game much more. Knowing that if he made a mistake, he was more than capable of picking up where he left off. Even he ventured out into PvP lands with us. Bravo!

However, the only downfall to self-sufficiency is the ability to farm silver, given that tier three gear requires silver (or gold). A new player may not choose to buy gold immediately, and it honestly only took me a day or so to get to their three (premium and non-premium accounts will change this behavior entirely with Albion Online Power Leveling). That is too early for most players to decide if they want to invest in a free to play game. Therefore, SI will have to monitor the starter zones silver per hour drops carefully to make sure there is enough silver to go around for new players to support themselves during that time. Although, as mentioned earlier, if SI did reduce durability loss, new players can use the little silver they have farmed to sustain self-sufficiency. Therefore, they venture out into riskier areas when they feel they are ready.

Blade & Soul VS Black Desert

Asking in a specific reddit for a game which people prefer, stupid, as you’ll get the answer you expect, one favoring the game the reddit is about.

An honest answer? Blade and Soul has been out three years overseas, and we aren’t getting all the content, they are phasing it in slowly with Cheap Blade And Soul Gold. How slowly, we don’t know yet, but it’s annoying having to wait three years to even get the game announced, and then wonder what they really need to “beta test” besides translations. BDO just came out overseas, and they are committed to getting it out here too. Of course it has less content, and not as “polished”, it’s newer, three years newer.

BDO’s character creator blows this out of the water, not even a fair fight. Though the classes are locked to gender and race, which some people hate, but they have similar classes of the opposite sex and are adding more often.

Here’s the thing though, you can play both right now if you are really curious, though if you don’t understand Korean (or other language it’s available in) the story and some aspects will be lost on you, and you can make you own mind up. Blade and Soul is closer to Tera than it is Black Desert though.

Keep in mind, games may look grindy in the eastern market, but once they’re localized for western audiences, some of that goes away. Eastern players/publishers seem to like that model. I’m in no way saying BDO won’t be grindy when it hits western markets, but I’m confident it will be significantly less.

I played both and I kind of like both, although my experience in BDO is extremely limited. What I like about BnS is that it’s not typical Korean MMO, it’s more like an adventure that you can take with your friends. It doesn’t force you into the standard Korean MMO grindfest. You just indulge the awesome fights and the story without too much concern about farming the Blade & Soul Gold, exp, and the best gear. But you still can if you want to.

BDO is different. It’s the sandbox MMO where you build your own adventure, but you have to know stuff in order to do it. The game won’t lead you by the hand and show you its best parts, it will just throw you in the middle of the unknown possibilities and it’s up to you to find things that are interesting to you. What I didn’t like about BDO is that developers REALLY like to use the icon system for everything and there are different icons every time and the player is just expected to understand what they mean. I don’t know, maybe I’m dumb, but I didn’t understand half of the icons until someone told me what they meant. Otherwise it felt like being stranded in the mall in Japan.