Repairing and Building Space in Albion Online

Repair: Reparing items will no longer cost resources, but just silver(gold). We will introduce alternative resource sinks to keep the balance in check.
Salvage: Salvaging an item will no longer cost silver, but actually return a small amount of silver to you. This makes looting unneeded items more useful, acts as an additional resource sink and also allows people to do something more meaningful with surplus items if the demand in the market place is not high enough.

Building Space
Islands: We identified a fundamental problem with building space, namely there is either not enough of it or that if there is, it is often too expensive for most players. In the case of guilds, there is also the issue that all space might be taken or that the guild is simply not enough Cheap Albion Online Gold to conquer a space from somebody else. As a solution to this, players and guild will be able to buy an island, which will contain a lot of building space and will be safe from GvG. Islands can be reached via a harbour and can of course also be visited by other players.

Islands Balancing: Once you have bought the island, there will be no regular upkeep, however, there will be higher taxes on anything that is being produced there (to make sure that usually, you would still rather have a space in the open world). On the island, you will not have any real resource or mob spawns, which means that you will still have to get your resources from the main world. (maybe with the exception of tier 1 and some tier 2).

Farming on islands: These islands will play a key role in farming, as this will take up a lot of space that is simply not available in the current game world.

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