Skill Based Combat and Balancing in Albion Online

We have always stated that during the alpha phases, our main goal is to get all core features into the game, and during beta, we will focus on polishing and balancing. While the combat experience and balancing of the game has improved since last alpha, it is by no means ready for release and there is lots of room for improvement.
Make sure that items have a clear role associated with them and are actually useful and good at fulfilling this role.

For example, if I wanted to be a sneaky melee assassing taking out the enemey healers swiftly, there should be a gear configuration that makes this possible. If I want to be a damaging soaking tank that annoy the enemy team with disturbing AoE effects – so they can’t ignore him or her – this should be possible. If I want to be a nuke mage to Buy Albion Online Gold, that has significant burst damage but runs out of energy quickly and is very squishy and somewhat slow, that should be possible, too.
We have actually identified a total of 19 different roles that we want to look into further.

Albion Online

Making these roles possible will then – with the right balancing – create very exciting possibilities and a great meta game.

On top of that, Albion’s “you are what you wear” system allows you to combine anything with anything, meaning you can create all sorts of hybrids, too.

A direct result of the above is that tactics, skill and the configuration of your character and group will be much much more important in deciding the outcome of a PvP fight
In additon to the above, we will tweak our balancing formulas and try and remove as many imbalances in the game as possible before the start of the beta. This also means reviewing certain spell mechanics.