PvP vs. ganking/camping in Albion Online

On that note, I laugh at posts where players wish the game was easier gank and camp other players who are disadvantaged. That is not PvP. Rather, that is a player who is role-playing a thief, or is not willing to take on a real challenge. In my opinion, you don’t get a trophy for ganking a player who is trying to farm silver, or slay a player who is wearing gear at a lower tier than yours. Nor do you get a reward for gate or zone camping an area to pick on players who are again, disadvantaged.

If you want PvP, meet me on fair grounds and bring your best gear to Buy Albion Online Gold, so that I may take it from you. Or, have your guild bring their party suits and we will bring ours. Therefore, the best player wins.

The continent vs. the world (long term feasibility)
When I think of Albion Online, I don’t think in terms of the alphas or closed and open betas. I think in terms of where will AO be six month to a year after release, because that is what I am playing for. I am not playing this game for an alpha build, that is just silly.

Here is the current dilemma I see. AO is not big enough for the 500,000 to one million players mark. And based off my observation and experiences thus far, AO can hit that population a year after release. Over 30million players play in this genre. AO is a simple and beautiful game, and it is, the more enjoyable sandbox mmo. PvP games are way more fun that PvE games simply because of the human element.

Did any of you notice that the current state of the game was built on a contintent at the bottom of the world map. Did anyone notice the two massive continents above? Here is my take on where SI can take AO to solve this grand issue of mixing hardcore players with soft core players: segregate the player base. Make those massive continents have zones twice to three times larger than the current zone dimensions, if so appropriate with Cheap Albion Online Gold. The game resources and server resources are minimal, it is certainly possible. The client side resources, however, may limit this.

I feel that the current size of the zones may be a bit too small for successful, open world PvP. I also say that the new lands should be the only lands with resources available above a current tier, say tier 6 or 7 for example, and make it so that players cannot equip that high level gear on the newer player continent that we currently see today. That way only the players who are wanting the most reward will go to guilds that occupy lands in the riskiest places. Also, by having larger zones, points of interest (open world raid bosses, castles, dungeons, etc.) are further from zone entries to discourage gate camping.

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