A Critique of the COMMUNIST Guild Model so Prevalent in Albion Online

I’ve been in several guilds in Albion and all of them so far have gone with this model and meme of “the guild before the individual”. Some guilds are even outright calling themselves communists.

I know this is probably going to get the communists/socialists in a tiff but here goes. In damn near everyother MMO I have played, guilds that took this model invariably led to corruption, guild revolt, and collapse. Just like in real life. Go figure! A good case that MMOs are a microcosm for the real world.

I’ve seen this time and time again in other MMORPGs of old. EQ, WoW, etc. This scheme… err guild model…sounds good on paper. The rationale often given for the communist/socialist model is that the ‘core’ gets geared first in raid and boss encounters to boost and means you may need Albion Online Power Leveling to help you out. Then there are the endless promises that the lesser mortals will get geared second. Even the most well intentioned guild leaders and officers might even believe their dogma. But they often speed to the end game content, see it all, and then instead of helping everyone they left behind, they just get bored with the game and occasionally log in.

Albion Online

Now to Albion Online. There isn’t raid gear to hand out. No what I am seeing is even more blatant and in your face. What do I mean? Typical schemes of hand over ALL your mats and “we will gear you”. Do it for the ‘core’ group. Once we get geared we will assist you lesser mortals. Just hand it ALL over. Do it for the guild. Other models are excessive tax rates to the point where people barely have silver to make it to those dungeon runs to get the officers and ‘the core’ more of those much needed gems and runes.

Guilds that take this model are often the top ranked guilds too. This model works, for awhile. It works for many reasons but primarily I think it works for two reasons.

1) People want to be in that top tier guild. The guild master and officers capitalize on this.
2) People are far too trusting.

So if you find yourself in one these guilds. Take heed Albion Online Silver. You might very well find yourself being farmed/milked on a sinking ship.

In closing I am curious. Are there any guilds that actually allow the market economics to flourish in the game? For example allow crafters and gatherers to actually make money off their labor.

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