Blade & Soul LB and RB is so damn huge and i tested the class

No mmo was designed to be played with over 100 ms and no matter what class u play you can’t extract the max potention of the class with high ping.True some classes are faily decent with high ping but yet u`ll never be on par with low ping people.

Whatever we say Meles are not playble with over 200.Of course there is people with experience of over 1 year who can play fairly decent with 200ish but they spend years to master this class to the level they are and yet every half smart newbie with under 100 ms and same gear will outdps them by Blade & Soul Gold. Of course there is bad people with low ping anyway but thats diff story.

Beside summoner there is not really any other class that can be played at all with over 200 ping(even summoner is not that good with high ping).As FM due of ping i have to spam only LB + fire spells because the delay between LB and RB is so damn huge and i tested the class in the unmentioned server and there i definitely could spam both fire and ice spells but there i have 30 ping….in Taiwan im loosing too much time to switch from fire to ice and back to fire its just making it pointless unless you really need some life steal…

Anyway beside BM no other mele can do much with high ping and its all because BM have too ridiculous burst.I understand they have to tank and burst is needed but ther burst is on insane level…

Blade & Soul Constant 40-70 Ping

Rite then, I’d like to give out my opinion, if i may.
Assassin, this is my main class and im playing it with constant 40-70 ping. The most enjoyable time is when you can spam RB + F as many as possible without getting any single delay on that. But i believe more higher than 100 ping can make the player thinks this class sucks. Since the main DPS generator of Assassin is RB and F and it requires low ping cauz’ we’re talking about the speed of the attack.

Well, no much talking in this one. Once Assassin got caught, most probably it died. So, the higher ping player got, the chance of getting caught is bigger. ;_; . With 40-70 ping, i can sit on 1600 to 1700 on arena. And also for the throw bomb + web combo, i almost sure that it cant be done with high ping. I mean even if you got sleight of hand, but the game still needs a delay for it, im sure it will fail.

True enough Assassin can still be played with high ping ex : about 120+, you can still do dmg or whatev such things needed to kill sth, but for Blade And Soul Gold, its unbearable. One day i got about 100 higher ping because of ISP problem, and that time i was doing Yeti. usually i can dodge the ice slam up to 7 slams, but that time with just 3 slams i got freezed. Both Q and E got little cast time to cast *Never tried the tier 1 branch 1* and also for back flip a.k.a SS which only give invul when your chara is not touching the ground, which i believe its hard, if the player got high ping.

Having said that, I’ve never been able to ani-cancel as others have been describing and only seen it via YouTube / read others experiences on it.

It’s nice to see that people think certain classes might be comfortable to play with 200+ms but I see that being an unacceptable compromise: Be effective and choose a class you might not like as much or choose a class you prefer the play style/idea of and potentially invoke the ire and rage of others when you physically can’t perform as well as others / be frustrated with the play experience.

I Tried That I Seen This 7 Day Deletion blade Crap And Respond

i have Regium Corvus costom

on a character im deleting because you don’t have file transfers and its not bound to accound.. is there any way i can have this put into my regular mail so i dont lose it? the characters name its on name is NoNeedForName… I miss playing destroyer and i refuse to play on that server (Mushin).. i just want to know if that could be done if not its ok i understand but launch costumes like that i duno if there going to appear again or what and i really dont want to lose Blade & Soul Gold.. please say you can.. ::

They Took A Lil Long To Get Back To My So I Say::

Im bout to delete the character now i hope you can still do that or send to the new characters name i haven’t heard anything back form you guys in a while so im hoping for the best..

After I Tried That I Seen This 7 Day Deletion Crap And Respond::

omg it takes seven days to delete a character? it wasn’t like that before. i cant make a new character and give you the name right away if i have to wait 7 days that’s a ridiculously long waiting time….

I Was Told ::
We understand that you would like to transfer the Regium Corvus Set to your new character. However, the countdown timer (for the complete deletion of your character) is a feature that is working as intended.

At this point, we suggest to wait for the character deletion time to be done.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any further questions and concerns.

Now As Aggravated as I Was I Had To Leave This Reply Back::

Working as intended? I have all my slots full.. I been thinking about deleting this character for a while because, I missed playing it and because you guys don’t character transfer.. Im willing to re-level a character to 45…which i been thinking about deleting for a while. All my character are level 45. I bought all 8 slots, I am a premium member and signed up for recurring for billing. And though I been waiting to delete this character and sure I want to do with Blade And Soul Power leveling, your going to tell me i have to wait a week to play a character.. when i can level to 45 in half the time. Im Extremely dissatisfied with this and honestly rethinking about supporting the game. I put way to much money in the game already to be waiting that long. I Play everyday Faithfully..I just had surgery… I Have more Time Now 7 days later i won’t.. if you need some kind of confirmation its me please let me know… other then that ill just play something else.. i don’t even care about the costume as much as i care about this wait time. Ridiculous…

I Mean Seriously I Support The Games I Love… But Considering The Time i Took Contemplating Deleting That Character Cause I Wasn’t Playing It, While it was on that server. It not like its my fault you guys don’t have certain functions. you should have.. Im already paying you cash then i have to grind my way back up after 7 days which is like with that 7 day included like half a month to get back to where i was..and your telling me that i just get :: We apologize for the inconvenience :: for my time, effort, money and support???

I want to play Blade & Soul on windows 10

I have my old Windows 7 disc and can downgrade if necessary, but from research it seems to be very mixed reviews on playing BnS in Windows 10. From what I read it seems to be FPS instability even on super high-end machines. I’m not talking Blackwyrm either BNS Gold, supposedly even in towns and dungeons there were reports of going <30 FPS. Also some crashing. Many people with no issues as well, though.

There are a couple areas where I have to turn off terrain effects and shadows, I mean turn shadows all the way up, and wind dash and look how nice the shadow is. Every tree, everything. Its really doing to much.

I also run windows 10, the only fps drop I have had I now suspect is an “fps bug” where my fps was locked at like 20something in arena and really annoying until you relaunch the game.

What i meant was it works with blade and soul. Otherwise its one big piece of crap and if you have W7 or W8 just stay with them. Half of the time my taskbar stops functioning, like cant open any programs etc. Many have contacted microsoft but they say they are clueless and don’t know how to fix it.

Just out of curiosity, those of you with newer/higher-end builds, how is your FPS in Misty Woods and/or on Blackwyrm/Terrors?

With the shitty current computer I have, I average 45-50 FPS, but when it comes to Misty Woods OPvP or Blackwyrm I go down very low, anywhere from 15-25. Even with “optimized for combat” and “CTRL+F”.

How to Choose Computer for Blade And Soul Gold

Back when I had a much weaker PC, FX-8350@4.5Ghz HD7870 8Gb DDR3, the only places I lagged in TERA were Nexus and huge Guild fights at 50+ people, but even then shutting down the UI had allowed me to stay in the 20+ rather comfortably, which for some reason was feeling much smoother than the “normal” 20 fps sensation.

Now I have an i7-6700K@4.7Ghz (which I could most certainly push even higher since I never go past the 60° but cba), 16Gb DDR4, R9 390 and I can’t really say that it’s that much better in B&S when it technically should , I’m most of the time stuck at 60 with Vsync but in towns with barely 10~15 people around, not even concentrated on my screen mind you, I get BNS Gold. Let’s not even talk about the Arena where if you stay for more than 6 or 7 matches your FPS slowly plummet for seemingly no reason, can be fixed by leaving/re-entering but you know, worth mentioning here.

Sure, TERA isn’t a model of optimization (and I didn’t even use guides like the above or anything), but it doesn’t deserve the bashing it gets imo, especially compared to B&S.

Joking aside yeah, UE3 is infamous for its CPU hungry ways. Ask any TERA player. (Although I agree with what has been said this game runs MUCH smoother than TERA, trust me I can vouch for this.)

Now, I’m very, very bad with computer stuff. I’m proud that I can at least format my PC and follow simple instructions but. Seeing as both games run on the same engine, maybe someone that knows much more about this can help in the long run.

Here is the Optimization Guide I used for TERA. Maybe someone with better knowledge of this than me can use this to cross notes and help a bit with Blade & Soul Items? I’m not sure this is much help, as I said I know almost nothing about computers but just going to leave this here in case it is actually useful for someone to cross notes about UE3.