How to Choose Computer for Blade And Soul Gold

Back when I had a much weaker PC, FX-8350@4.5Ghz HD7870 8Gb DDR3, the only places I lagged in TERA were Nexus and huge Guild fights at 50+ people, but even then shutting down the UI had allowed me to stay in the 20+ rather comfortably, which for some reason was feeling much smoother than the “normal” 20 fps sensation.

Now I have an i7-6700K@4.7Ghz (which I could most certainly push even higher since I never go past the 60° but cba), 16Gb DDR4, R9 390 and I can’t really say that it’s that much better in B&S when it technically should , I’m most of the time stuck at 60 with Vsync but in towns with barely 10~15 people around, not even concentrated on my screen mind you, I get BNS Gold. Let’s not even talk about the Arena where if you stay for more than 6 or 7 matches your FPS slowly plummet for seemingly no reason, can be fixed by leaving/re-entering but you know, worth mentioning here.

Sure, TERA isn’t a model of optimization (and I didn’t even use guides like the above or anything), but it doesn’t deserve the bashing it gets imo, especially compared to B&S.

Joking aside yeah, UE3 is infamous for its CPU hungry ways. Ask any TERA player. (Although I agree with what has been said this game runs MUCH smoother than TERA, trust me I can vouch for this.)

Now, I’m very, very bad with computer stuff. I’m proud that I can at least format my PC and follow simple instructions but. Seeing as both games run on the same engine, maybe someone that knows much more about this can help in the long run.

Here is the Optimization Guide I used for TERA. Maybe someone with better knowledge of this than me can use this to cross notes and help a bit with Blade & Soul Items? I’m not sure this is much help, as I said I know almost nothing about computers but just going to leave this here in case it is actually useful for someone to cross notes about UE3.


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