I want to play Blade & Soul on windows 10

I have my old Windows 7 disc and can downgrade if necessary, but from research it seems to be very mixed reviews on playing BnS in Windows 10. From what I read it seems to be FPS instability even on super high-end machines. I’m not talking Blackwyrm either BNS Gold, supposedly even in towns and dungeons there were reports of going <30 FPS. Also some crashing. Many people with no issues as well, though.

There are a couple areas where I have to turn off terrain effects and shadows, I mean turn shadows all the way up, and wind dash and look how nice the shadow is. Every tree, everything. Its really doing to much.

I also run windows 10, the only fps drop I have had I now suspect is an “fps bug” where my fps was locked at like 20something in arena and really annoying until you relaunch the game.

What i meant was it works with blade and soul. Otherwise its one big piece of crap and if you have W7 or W8 just stay with them. Half of the time my taskbar stops functioning, like cant open any programs etc. Many have contacted microsoft but they say they are clueless and don’t know how to fix it.

Just out of curiosity, those of you with newer/higher-end builds, how is your FPS in Misty Woods and/or on Blackwyrm/Terrors?

With the shitty current computer I have, I average 45-50 FPS, but when it comes to Misty Woods OPvP or Blackwyrm I go down very low, anywhere from 15-25. Even with “optimized for combat” and “CTRL+F”.


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