I Tried That I Seen This 7 Day Deletion blade Crap And Respond

i have Regium Corvus costom

on a character im deleting because you don’t have file transfers and its not bound to accound.. is there any way i can have this put into my regular mail so i dont lose it? the characters name its on name is NoNeedForName… I miss playing destroyer and i refuse to play on that server (Mushin).. i just want to know if that could be done if not its ok i understand but launch costumes like that i duno if there going to appear again or what and i really dont want to lose Blade & Soul Gold.. please say you can.. ::

They Took A Lil Long To Get Back To My So I Say::

Im bout to delete the character now i hope you can still do that or send to the new characters name i haven’t heard anything back form you guys in a while so im hoping for the best..

After I Tried That I Seen This 7 Day Deletion Crap And Respond::

omg it takes seven days to delete a character? it wasn’t like that before. i cant make a new character and give you the name right away if i have to wait 7 days that’s a ridiculously long waiting time….

I Was Told ::
We understand that you would like to transfer the Regium Corvus Set to your new character. However, the countdown timer (for the complete deletion of your character) is a feature that is working as intended.

At this point, we suggest to wait for the character deletion time to be done.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any further questions and concerns.

Now As Aggravated as I Was I Had To Leave This Reply Back::

Working as intended? I have all my slots full.. I been thinking about deleting this character for a while because, I missed playing it and because you guys don’t character transfer.. Im willing to re-level a character to 45…which i been thinking about deleting for a while. All my character are level 45. I bought all 8 slots, I am a premium member and signed up for recurring for billing. And though I been waiting to delete this character and sure I want to do with Blade And Soul Power leveling, your going to tell me i have to wait a week to play a character.. when i can level to 45 in half the time. Im Extremely dissatisfied with this and honestly rethinking about supporting the game. I put way to much money in the game already to be waiting that long. I Play everyday Faithfully..I just had surgery… I Have more Time Now 7 days later i won’t.. if you need some kind of confirmation its me please let me know… other then that ill just play something else.. i don’t even care about the costume as much as i care about this wait time. Ridiculous…

I Mean Seriously I Support The Games I Love… But Considering The Time i Took Contemplating Deleting That Character Cause I Wasn’t Playing It, While it was on that server. It not like its my fault you guys don’t have certain functions. you should have.. Im already paying you cash then i have to grind my way back up after 7 days which is like with that 7 day included like half a month to get back to where i was..and your telling me that i just get :: We apologize for the inconvenience :: for my time, effort, money and support???


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