Blade & Soul Constant 40-70 Ping

Rite then, I’d like to give out my opinion, if i may.
Assassin, this is my main class and im playing it with constant 40-70 ping. The most enjoyable time is when you can spam RB + F as many as possible without getting any single delay on that. But i believe more higher than 100 ping can make the player thinks this class sucks. Since the main DPS generator of Assassin is RB and F and it requires low ping cauz’ we’re talking about the speed of the attack.

Well, no much talking in this one. Once Assassin got caught, most probably it died. So, the higher ping player got, the chance of getting caught is bigger. ;_; . With 40-70 ping, i can sit on 1600 to 1700 on arena. And also for the throw bomb + web combo, i almost sure that it cant be done with high ping. I mean even if you got sleight of hand, but the game still needs a delay for it, im sure it will fail.

True enough Assassin can still be played with high ping ex : about 120+, you can still do dmg or whatev such things needed to kill sth, but for Blade And Soul Gold, its unbearable. One day i got about 100 higher ping because of ISP problem, and that time i was doing Yeti. usually i can dodge the ice slam up to 7 slams, but that time with just 3 slams i got freezed. Both Q and E got little cast time to cast *Never tried the tier 1 branch 1* and also for back flip a.k.a SS which only give invul when your chara is not touching the ground, which i believe its hard, if the player got high ping.

Having said that, I’ve never been able to ani-cancel as others have been describing and only seen it via YouTube / read others experiences on it.

It’s nice to see that people think certain classes might be comfortable to play with 200+ms but I see that being an unacceptable compromise: Be effective and choose a class you might not like as much or choose a class you prefer the play style/idea of and potentially invoke the ire and rage of others when you physically can’t perform as well as others / be frustrated with the play experience.


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