Blade & Soul LB and RB is so damn huge and i tested the class

No mmo was designed to be played with over 100 ms and no matter what class u play you can’t extract the max potention of the class with high ping.True some classes are faily decent with high ping but yet u`ll never be on par with low ping people.

Whatever we say Meles are not playble with over 200.Of course there is people with experience of over 1 year who can play fairly decent with 200ish but they spend years to master this class to the level they are and yet every half smart newbie with under 100 ms and same gear will outdps them by Blade & Soul Gold. Of course there is bad people with low ping anyway but thats diff story.

Beside summoner there is not really any other class that can be played at all with over 200 ping(even summoner is not that good with high ping).As FM due of ping i have to spam only LB + fire spells because the delay between LB and RB is so damn huge and i tested the class in the unmentioned server and there i definitely could spam both fire and ice spells but there i have 30 ping….in Taiwan im loosing too much time to switch from fire to ice and back to fire its just making it pointless unless you really need some life steal…

Anyway beside BM no other mele can do much with high ping and its all because BM have too ridiculous burst.I understand they have to tank and burst is needed but ther burst is on insane level…


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