Let NCSoft know about this topic assuming they might notice this post

That was propably about the worst excuse anyone could give for that really.
Assuming that NCSoft didnt lie to us and EU actually does have servers in germany, they have literally nothing to do with the NA servers aside teh fact that the login server is shared.

that said, for me the first harvest happens at 8pm at my local time, so im quite fine with it. it’s early enough for me to participate on it with no issues if i wish to torture my pc with the lag it generates.

I wanted to note that Harvest times are bad for us but as I said it would make no difference for me if they stay as they wants Blade & Soul Gold. Just wanted to know about other people’s opinions about the times and let NCSoft know about this topic assuming they might notice this post.

Another solution could be making the events every 4-6 hour intervals which would cause them to be scattered during day for both regions so people can pick which time suit them best. This would just add the number of Harvests a day. Not sure if this would be impossible or does it give too much advantage to those who could get each harvest as I don’t know other reason to do Harvest than get dailies done.

For me it would be at worst scenario none done. You need certain amount of damage done to the bosses and sometimes one Harvest isn’t enough to get you the dailies done. At worst it takes few days to get this quest done if you can catch only one a day. Sometimes I end up coming home after this 8 pm time or I simply have to do my projects until 8 pm so possibly the first one is a miss. Then I could probably catch the second one and even then it is not certain I get the quest done. Third one at 2 am is a definitely a no considering it will take nearly an hour to complete if there are only few people around. Some people have to wake up at 6 am (like I do) so that would mean 3-4 h sleep. Not going to lose sleep because of quest so I rather drop trying this whole Harvest stuff.

The last event for NA is also at 2AM GMT-4. I think they have different timers for the two zones. They actually just picked obnoxious times for the events.

EDIT: I thought that you thought that they were keeping one time across both zones and that that was why the time was weird Blade & Soul Items. Doesn’t even make sense anyways since it would go the other way. Disregard my silliness.


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