Blade And Soul Gold – well atm abit bored to be honest

Got to true profane and already bought the gems I need,now I just level alt.I was expecting we atleast have beans in Arena,but nooo lets just have the easiest end game dungeon in the game just and bunch of newbies that prefer to sell ther gold/evolve stones for BNS Gold and get carried in poh with ther junk 36 crap after nearly 2 weeks of headstart…Well I carried some but not willing to do that anymore.Arena no beans,poh not worth farming it(don’t need any costume/accessory and perfumes are some silver) anddd well there is nothing else.

I was hoping we get BSH/Mushin few weeks to a month after release,but NOOO they just aim to follow the epic fail of JApan and China with slow updates and massive player decline,because frankly if they really plan to patch to BSH “not next year but in FEW months” I doubt they will have that much hyper players left to wait for that.

The game has been fun, Faction and Dailies keep me busy. I got the Faction Soul Shields and I am working toward upgrading my weapon so I can pull my weight a little more. I got a little PvP experience but I am still a long way away from being a good SIN. So far this game has been very memorable

The lack of content is def a thing it take average 3-4 hours to do 40 daileys depending on your groups and how long the bosses take to spawn in endless supply chain….

But you have to remember your hype is why your disappointed you were so hyped for Blade & Soul Gold you rushed thru content to max level then grinded for your upgrades so after 1 week you have nothing to do ( im in same boat right now ) on a game that only has 1/4 or less of its content…

If you look on the bright side tho i’m pretty sure they said we would be caught up to the other versions in a year so thats 3 years on content in 1 year you wont be bored for long so just stick with it for now..


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