Lock the creation in the heavy populated Blade & Soul servers

Last weekend we had 400 or so Premium queue….now we have 1.5k Much fun to spend 1h + in queue as premium for real.I know queue is unavoidable in first few weeks,but thats why there is server lock for reason.When you check the data and you know the freaking server is on 500% above the capacity just close it.Yeah friends and shits blahblah – they had plenty of time to do so.Now everyday is worse then the previous as more and more people joining and more and more people getting premium,thanks to 10g 30 day premium….I wonder when ncsoft will decide to finally lock the creation in servers like Windrest…perhaps when we reach 5k premium queue ?

They said creation in windrest is closed and few hours later was opened again.Everyone understand there would be Queue Blade & Soul Gold,I knew it for sure as my friends insisted to be on this damn server and I didn’t wanted to play alone,but then again NCsoft it seems to not care at all whats the situation in some servers.Who care,right?

And that was easly avoidable…they had to lock creation few days ago…yes we would still be in queue but not such queue.Last weekend 300-400,after f2p 600-700,yestarday 1k,now 1,5k,tommorow? 2k at prime time?Hype won’t die any soon,it have to pass atleast a month,before most vets get bored of no arena beans and nothing to do,as poh is walking in the park and literally nothing worth to farm.Everyday another tons of people level up to 45 and in the same day they can farm 10g for Prestige pack and that add to the queue…I’m easly making 10g without even selling my soul stones,if I do thats like 6g extra…


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