I’m in the Blade And Soul Crimson legion

Never seen such a thing in the open world chat of any game. I’m almost always playing with a custom tab open to keep my game serene. But on those occasions where I don’t bother to change it, Old Man Cho chat has been bearable. Very little talk about lolis or boobs or butseks ‘n’ all that. There’s even a recruiting guild called “Family” that posts a lot, and you’d think they’d get trolled into the ground, but nope.

As to what they do talk about…

Mostly the game. But, ya know, you got your trolls everywhere, so I’m not saying it’s pleasant, it’s just not acid eating away your brain.

Edited to add that I’m in the Crimson legion with Blade & Soul Gold, and I haven’t seen any chat about weebs. *shrug* But seriously, if that stuff bothers you, just turn it off. Seems a poor reason to change servers. Get a good guild, be friendly, and make your own community. The jerks are on every server, don’t hop around thinking it’ll be much different.

Also, the time you play is greatly a factor. Prime time is for the angry ten year old badasses. There’s a whole different community on in the early morning.

Im’ sure there are a lot of nice servers with nice people. usually the “nice” ones are the close to dead ones. im sure its not like that for every game. its just my experience.

Yet to experience mature on any f2p game. Faction chat is too spammy to read. I don’t get the idea of putting half a server in one channel. On OMC there has been the occasional jerk that thinks being awesome is putting others down. But for the most part, when I ask a question, I either get ignored or answered in region.


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