As a Blade & Soul premium member I feel robbed

To my horror after purchasing premium. I start a new toon and i cannot create one. Because i am limited with two slots.

As a premium member i feel robbed. This is an Appalling business practice. After spending 10 pound for premium they want me to fork out even more money for a slot..

Most F2P games in the West were initially launched as P2P games, and give box buyers and/or subscribers more character slots because they want to cater to their existing/former player-base. I don’t know if there’s a precedent for games that launch as F2P and give subscribers more character slots. On the other hand, ArcheAge launched as F2P and only gives 2, regardless of whether or not you subscribe with Blade And Soul Gold. You have to purchase more slots from the shop whether you’re a F2P player or a subscriber.

When the rest of us spent much more on founders packs to get more character slots. I spent 125$ on a founders pack, I looked at what I could get in that pack and picked that one because it had all the things I wanted to start out with on a new game, and it had premium with it and gave amazing benefits at Rank 4.

I can see why the Gaming Industry is in ruins with posts like these. People just handing over their money for something that should be free. I have been a MMO player for over 15 years and developers have got greedier and greedier because they know mainstream commercial idiots will just hand over their hard earned money..If your paying a Premium its no longer a free to play game and should get basics things to enjoy the game..

You should be ashamed if you feel proud about buying founders pack for a game that was developed over 4 years ago. And are happy because they get free slots. It’s really not smart handing over a 125 dollars. this gives them the incentive to be even more Blade And Soul Power leveling. Enjoy your retarded founders pack. You just gave Ncsoft and other deveolpers permission to walk all over Gamers in the future..Whats Next faster latency slots, High textures packs.. Don’t feel proud about Destroying the gaming Industry..


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