Blade & Soul: lightning build becoming stronger

With the new buff to sin and lightning build becoming stronger, is there much reason that dark build would be stronger? Unless you’re soloing a true vision boss or are taking in a party where a boss has true vision for some reason and can’t stay in stealth, is there much reason to use dark build to Buy BNS Gold? Aside from preference ofc. It seems rather difficult to constantly keep 5 stacks of poison up atm so wouldn’t lightning be more consistent if you were in a party setting where you weren’t tanking?

Heart Stab + Lightning Pierce + Lightning Rod has a slow animation cancel.
Less reliable ways to stack poison.

More versatile overall, with better access to Poison Breath and Decoy.
Heart Stab/Venom Pierce + Mist Slash + Dark Strike animation cancels very fast, along with Heart Stab + Lightning Crash.
More reliable poison stacking methods.
2x Venom Slash + 1x Shadow Slash comes out very very quickly like RB+LB+F.
A reliable double CC Daze in Cyclone Sweep and Sneak Attack, along with 15 second less cooldown on Stun Shadowless Step.

At Hongmoon 10 you’d only get enough points to add into Mist Slash, Lotus Fury, and Decoy. You have no reason to add into Shadowless Step, Time Bomb, Swifstep, Flash Kick, or Tab Escape.

Again, if you have no problem with focus regeneration, you can switch Shadow Drain to Cyclone Sweep for Cheap BNS Gold. You could also change Shunpo into Sidestep Right for longer iframes.

On a side note, how useful is Decoy Stage 2, the party stealth and party resist, and does the hongmoon party resist affect the user as well? Also it says I get healed off of it but I don’t notice any healing?

(Decoy Stage 1 could use a bit of a buff with 2% HP regen and 5% shield being tiny compared to Dandelion


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