Sounds interesting, and more action for the Albion Online

Removing it would increase the amount of Road ambush, pvp encounter, the actual need of a escort team,witch would change the economy of some cities, guilds and people.Sounds interesting. and more action for the game,they could even add a escort reward if you need to make some extra money,ppl could hire you to help on the escort with a pre-paid system that once the escort is complete the money goes to your account.Honestly the game is so Old school as is why would they even think to make it more of a chore / grind. If they are going to remove fast travel then they need to increase the amount of stuff you can carry by a lot as well as what the Ox can carry.

If they take out Fast travel just to jerk around with the game i want my Albion Online Gold back… hell, i like the grind and what not but i dont have 2hr to sit at a monitor just running from one place to the other.. thats complete nonsense. 2hr kill mobs ( np ) 2hr doing PvP (np ) 2hr doing dungeons (np ) 2hr farming / crafting ( np ) .. 2hr just to travel the map ( PROBLEM ).caravan has to stay close together… so it can be easily AOEd down by gankers… brilliant idea genius….
Caravans are not a solution to anything… and neither is removing fast travel…. what WILL happen, is people will use alts to check market prices…. and then someone will have the idea to network all that information on a website… similar to how you can check AlbionMall prices out of game in eve.There is no way to get around the market being universal, any attempt to reduce its universality will only help multiboxers and the like.

What you need is a game attractive enough to keep a playerbase in the hundreds of thousands Cheap Albion Online Gold and a game world big enough… and interesting enough that markets have individuality.Also keep in mind, this game has no distinct factions or races…. something that extremely limits the market geographical uniqueness… in EVE the type of ships sold depend a lot more on which faction’s space your in than distribution of resources or lack of fast travel


Alphas and Betas exist in order to enhance Albion Online

Any motivation I have to progress further tier wise is gone; I just play to PvP at this point and to hang out in TS with my guildmates I’ve known for ages. With that said, I am looking forward to the changes being implemented and a wipe before getting back into the entirety of the game again.In my experience when you play a game for years before official release then you lose your Albion Online Gold to be as objective as someone experiencing it from a fresh perspective. Latching onto a play style and then being resistant to change is mostly human nature, so I get it. I’m not telling you to change your stance but it would be less stressful for you if you did. Alphas and Betas exist in order to enhance, test, polish, and change the game for the better (in the developers eyes).

It’s hard to play in the games current state, there’s nothing to do but grind, and the grind isn’t even worth it due to the reward not making a big of a difference anddddd it will also get wiped. So it’s like just chilling and waiting till start of the next beta or a great patch.Well all of you saying you are bored I don’t think you are going to be interested in the final Albion Online Powerleveling of the game. It’s clear to me the game is all about GVG. So if you are wanting a solo dungeon farming game this is not the game for you.

If you can’t have fun with the large open world PVP and GVG’s then i would just recommended another game. As this isn’t a themepark MMO that is going to add a new dungeon for all of you to farm for a couple days until you get bored again and leave.

I am with you guys on the crafting/gathering. I do it just mainly to keep myself supplied for PVP. Which is the part of the game I enjoy. But really if you not into current style of PVP i would strongly recommend you go to another game. As the core mechanics aren’t going to change otherwise might as well just say its going be albion 2 as changing something like that takes a significant amount of Cheap Albion Online Gold.Core mechanics don’t change through betas.

Lets use Albion online Terms

If you look at games like Lineage 1 the enchanting system implemented is all armors are Safe to +4 using a armor enchantment scroll that is only droped by Monsters on rare occasion. anything after +4 the item has a % chance to break making over +items after +4 more and more harder chance to be enchanted +5 60% chance +6 35% chance +7 20% chance +8 10% chance +9 5% chance +10 5 % chance +11 Max 2% chance of success with Albion Online Powerleveling they are safly enchanted to say +6 but applying a diffrent scroll of enchant weapon. with same type of formula

Now they also have a Blessed scroll of Enchant armor or weapon. example if +4 is safe on armor i would enchant my armor to +3 use a blessed scroll and 60% chance it would go up 2 values from +3-+5 skipping a chance of destroying your armor from +4-5 same with weapons being safe enchant it to +5 using blessed scroll getting it to +7 buy AO Gold the chance of ruining your weapon from 6-7. this creates a gambling like enchantment systems. also making more items be destroyed off the markets. istead of + system it an be = to +1 being excellent +2 being masterpiece +3 being epic +4 legendary.

Every one likes to Gamble :). now also in lineage if ur items where Rare like a black mithril item. the chances of enchanting this gear was Very hard you might need 20 Sets to even get one piece to go +1

Now Other Games Like Rohan the Blood Feud had a simular system. but making it for crafters. lets use Albion online Terms

The method to develop the Albion Online better

There is many aspects why they extend it another 8 months. to develop the game better.

1.Creating founders pack, on very begun allow people to buy it and feel special, as be (one of first to enter game). with is fine with me, but tells us all, they didn’t had budged to progress with the game and made this solution.
2 Now after all this time we’ve been waiting for this game and when closed beta came up – They realised unexpected popularity of the game, and developers was nicely surprised of amount of Cheap Albion Online Silver joining in.
3 Game is not free to play (yet) , But they already realised how many features has to be changed and rewriting as if they having 60k players playing and trying the game, we came across many features with aren’t good system for this game, or simple were bad solution . And Also WITH BUDGED THEY GOT NOW they can start working on thinks with before they couldn’t afford . so Yes they trying make game more exiting and better, better and better.JUST please don’t forget AOSilver doesn’t want all to be changed,
4 People were complaining and quitting game, when upgrade came and sadly fame rewards drop. and crafting harvesting gathering became a bit easier.
Yet again I think that was wrong move and hope will not be preeminent. But also make me understand they want people to reach Top and see how other thinks work as well. in both different Set up’s.
I would love to see ” END OF GAME” Reaching even for insane hard core player withih 1-2 years not faster than that cuz this game will be lost as HELBREATH back in days.
AND U DEVELOPERS came with idea to change our founders pack for some gift in the gam(starter pack) with on the end of the day making us spend and Donate again once game will start

Remove fast Albion Online travel from everywhere and world

Few ideas to keep me interested:
Game World.
Let us build the world. Remove premade buiding plots and cities, roads, harbors. Give us tools to build these. Remove fast travel from everywhere and world allready will get much bigger. Add resting system or energy system and remove LP.s
Add criminal system. Add Cheap Albion Online Silver fire. Remove player names and guild names when out of melee range or out of group. Group size max 5 players. Let us choose any melee skill on any melee weapon, ranged skill on any ranged weapon, magic skill on magic weapon, hybrid weapons possible, etc. Weapons give different stats modifiers: attack speed, attack range, cooldown reduction, healing boonus, armor, etc. Higher gear gives more skill slots.
mobs can use same armor/weapons/skill as we do. Mobs can loot players, patrol, flee.
Gathering, Crafting
Lower materials needed for weapons/armor/buildings. Reduce carry weight on bag and mounts to counter.
Destiny board
Let us gather,craft, wear, build anything as long we have Albion Online Items. Balance it with fame. If you dont have enough fame lvl you gear have big chance to get destroyed when crafted , takes much longer to gather and craft, is much lower lvl, etc.

Even if i dont play AO anymore then no worries, i allready bought founders pack.

A great example is the recent Albion Online Fame changes

Historically speaking however, SBI isn’t exactly known for their small changes. Often times when they want to “re-examine a system” they end up coming up with an entirely new system that has virtually zero compatibility and usually only vaguely resembles the old system in place. A great example is the recent Fame changes they made to both Combat and Crafting. When they condensed the refining into a single node on the destiny board it polevaulted some people super far ahead and some people jumped from being able to refine T5 to being able to refine T8.

So given the huge number of Albion Online Silver before release, which when you total them up basically amount to redoing the entire game from scratch (Albion Online Items, fame, crafting, resources, gathering, farming, armor balance, weapon balance, etc are all getting an overhaul) in addition to the feature creep on top of that (Fishing? A karma system for people who can’t get over a nearly 2 decades old game?) and truthfully the decision not to release makes sense since the potential, given the developer’s history, to really destroy their released game with these level of changes and potentially bad implementations of new systems.

Albion Online:A bit complicated but more flexible sistem

First of all I have to say that this game has a great future if it has the same dev`s support.

1) Well, I think map must be changed. Not only in towns with AO Silver but separate map for guild wars. There have to be icons of all your team independently of their distance from you. And icons of tents which can damage you.
2) PVP. Dont agree with teasky. Too radical. Good idea but not to the near future. Maybe it is right to forbid leaving current territory while you have a debuff. But I have another solution.

Firstly, if you tried to kill somebody you DO NOT get a debuff. Give a second to explain before throwing Albion Online Items.

If you attacked or tried to kill smb but were not successful (he managed to leave territory) you are marked. It means that you can be killed by anyone and he will not get a debuff. But this mark does not weaken you. Lasts as long as debuff.
If you attack your marked enemy, you are marked too but do not get a debuff in case of kill.
If you killed smb who is not marked then you get a debuff. (And you get a debuff even you are not a killer. Same as now)
So if you have a debuff you cant leave current territory ^^
A bit complicated but more flexible sistem.
Of course it is up to you to decide)
3) Well, I had been thought. Want to see alliances. If your guild has “friendship” with another, you can visit their territory. To save your life for example.