One may not have 2 Albion Online accounts

As it stands now, One may not have 2 accounts. However, this game is available cross-platform and due to its portability to Buy Albion Online Gold, you cannot dismiss the fact that multiple players could be playing from the same connection, especially public connections or connections at work. It is a mistake to make the game portable, and then say that if you detect more than one account from the same connection, then they get banned. There are many public sources people use these days.

So while I would vote no, users may only be logged into one character at a time. The fact remains that to be fair with your system, you would have to change your rules and by default that would also give users the ability to login with multiple accounts. It’s a precarious issue, invented as a result of AO Silver being so portable. You could simply say “play from home” but then that sort of defeats the portability aspect of the game. As it stands now, I have decided against promoting this game to people I work with, simply because I don’t want to get banned when I and an office-mate happen to login during lunch.

So in my opinion, your hands are tied and you have little choice but to lift restrictions on the number of accounts playable from the same IP. You can still have a rule against multi-accounting, but you will have to be diligent in being certain that this is true before a ban.

Just because something is hard or nearly impossible to enforce doesn’t mean that it should be allowed. Running multiple accounts is not the way that the game was designed to be played and should be against the ToS. I understand that people will play together with family and friends so you can’t use IP address to detect this.

Add language to the ToS that if you admit on the official Albion forums to running multiple accounts at the same time it’s considered a self-report and is a ban-able offense. You will ban far more offenders from idiots on the forum than you will through in-game reporting or other means. And the best part is, people will stop talking about it.

Forcing average players to questioning if they can play in this and that scenarios will lead to more confusion and worries to being banned (which is not a good from the user experience point of view) especially closer to release so it’s great you are tackling that now, so I’m for the allowing with reasons for the average joe scenario. Still I suggest to avoid battling mass multiaccounting but concentrate on exploits. Not sure how tech savvy you are, so eventually please ask the tech lead or the network/security people, and bring them here if they feel and shed some light on how would be possible to fight things like stealth OCR automation with host/guest VMs sandboxing (especially using Android which you can pretty much change all IDs settings) and multiple configs of best albion online silver store, without touching more complicated and more traditional memory reading, injection and packet sniffing ways, even if there, you can actually analyse what’s running in memory at least.


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