Fairer PvP fights in the Albion Online

Because, eventho the open world pvp is a very cool idea imo, its, especially for solo pvper, very hard to do something, because there are always farmgroups.
Even with friends its hard to do some way to Buy Albion Online Silver. I dont want to say anything bad about that, its very cool to have some dangerous, group pvp or to just go with 15 people,
in the night out and challenge some groups.

But at least i want to do some fair raid pvp or even 1o1/2o2 Arena fights. It doesnt even has to be a big thing, just something you can do when you’re bored or something like that.

Until release of the game, we will be making changes that will provide more and – depending on the zone – fairer PvP fights in the open world. This will mostly be driven by our crime and reputation system in yellow and red zones, however, combined with free for all PvP areas inside of those zones such that people can freely fight over – for example – treasure chests. While this is not strict 1v1 or 2v2 PvP per se, it will likely lead to more smaller scale fights in these areas.

When it comes to more structured fights to Buy Albion Online Gold, we are looking at various ways of expanding our existing duel feature and possible also offer an arena (in the literal sense) setting where players can fight each other over silver in a tournament/competition style set up. Key here is that it should not compete with / replace open world activities.

I guess I will go back to GW2 or something else. BGs or Arenas (where you earn benefits for both) are sorely needed in this game. Currently there isn’t much pvp for those of us who have lives; meaning those of us who cannot treat this game like a part time job. Serious guilds with territories don’t want to waste their time with anyone who isn’t a seriously committed player, and some folks like solo pvp, and/or have shit to do irl. I know the OP and myself aren’t the only ones. It’s too bad; this game has a lot of potential. I don’t see why it can’t have different types of pvp for different types of players / interest.

I cannot wait for Fair PVP. If I get beat in a 1v1 or even if 2 people kill me I don’t get upset and I laugh my butt off when i kill 2 people nothing beats albion online silver farming. However I get no joy when a zerg group kills me I have 0 chance and rarely can even kill 1 of them before i die there are just too many and anyone who thinks thats fair pvp is an idiot. There should penaltys for groups that 30v1 people its just not cool or fun.


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