Riders of Icarus: the main cities fields

And you got what i was trying to say, I’m horrible with words so i thank you for actually being able to get more Riders of Icarus Gold what i was trying to into words.

However your point that the mounts arent really that important, or how ever you put it, Is wrong. Certain mounts move faster than others.

For example, taslan moves slowed than a bear i tamed in the main cities fields. the bear was very easy to tame while i took the time to try to tame taslan a rare mount, i got exremely lucky with the drop, the bear was faster and better. on that note the flying mounts each might have a diffrent max height, so tameing diffrent mounts is a good thing.

Movement speed is one thing yeah, but really you still end up spending 30 minutes to get from one place to another, the most really do is offer benifets as pets like taslan is great for casters, but in the grand scheme of things, in a beta especially, is to experience as much of the game has to offer as you can, paywalling and RNGing the ever loving ♥♥♥♥ outta it ruins most of it, i mean its limited time to get this mob and if most of the time i spend in the beta is trying to get every mount i probably wont due to this… i mean im all for spending a full month worth of grinding for an item in the full release, lord knows ive done to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold… but yeah there are more important things for the beta then making sure rare mounts are rare to get… like optimizing the freaking framerate.

Okay so I’ve just finished the main storyline mission at the Northern Watchtower, but I don’t know what to do next? There was no other storyline quest given to me, and I’ve not a clue what to do. Do I just grind the sidequests now?


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