Albion Online: Give the wells a function

I love when you acctually can interact with things/buildings/objects in the enviroment and in this game I see this from time to time.

One of those are wells. I would like the wells to serve as refillstations for Albion Online Silver potions. Like when you have made a dungeon run and you are a long way in there, you stumble over a well and you refill a flask from inventory or just “summons” a potion in the well to help you get you further. There can be different types of wells like colorcoded wells, they shine with the color corresponding to what kind of well it is.
For example:

Blue / Manapotion
Red / Lifepotion
Yellow / better crafting outcome under 5 minutes from consumption
Purple / higher physical attacks
Pink / higher magical attacks
Green / higher magic/physical defence
Black / make it a AoE dmg skill to be used in tight situations, that would be kewl :D

And you can only “summon” 1 potion at a time and your inventory can only hold Cheap Albion Online Silver 1 of these, mostley to avoid the whole “potionwar” thing.

I know there is potions right now but this would make the enviroment more rich and fun.


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