Beta Issues?

So if I can have a quick second and talk about a few things that have really bothered me this beta that did not exist in past test periods.

1. Why take a territory?

Territories used to be the only way to real endgame content a.k.a 6 and up armor. People like myself pushed ourselves very hard to work towards this and got rolled by guilds twice our size and three times more experienced in the game at the time.

Now you can live in a green zone city with a guild island and upgrade it to T8 crafting stations and hide from PvP altogether other then when you are gathering. Which is altogether negated by the fact that you have escapes like flee and high tier mounts you can’t hear nor catch.

I constantly see people complaining about the PvP being non-existent and in all honesty it still exist it is just in very low quantities or you are forced to fight the same groups over and over again.

Now you may say well its for the resource return but, I think we all know that isn’t worth the risk of losing it. I mean honestly is it worth 45% resource return if I am correct on that to have the risk of losing your work for weeks in a weeks time? When you could be doing it safely in a Green Red or Black zone city.

Why can I say this well I am McCloud currently in guild PSYCHO formally the Warmaster of BlackWater and honestly I feel I should appologize to BlackWater for leading them into the black zone. Why may you ask what did we get as a new semi-casual guild well let me list it.

We got out-geared by organized guilds.
We got out zerged by massive guilds with 3-4 parties to their name which is another thing that should be changed.
We were camped by guilds who obviously knew the meta before the rest of the game did because whether all of you have realized there was the wave of claymores at the very beginning and the second wave that followed in the lower zones.
All for resource return which I believed at the beginning of this HARDCORE game would take us to end game.

Now the solution in my opinion is easy re-cap green and red zone cities at T5 maybe even black. Then change resource spawn rates to T6 and up in the black zone to be more abundant enchant and unenchanted still having super low ratios. Then push redzone resources to cap at T5 and below but, make the spawning of enchanted T5.3 and 5.4 back to being hard to get.

More simplified. People in the black wouldn’t have to grind as hard because they are always at risk however those who want the super sets 6 7 and 8 point whatever sets you can grind your ass off for them. People in Green/Yellow/Red Zones can get endgame content gear but, have to risk a lot more to be in it(So where as a blackzone dude can wear 8 flat and get it easily a dude in greenzones must wear 5.4 to equal him but, its super expensive and super rare). Making 6, 7 and 8 point 2, 3 and 4 super rare and super expensive sets (Almost GODTIER sets).

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2. Limiting the giant groups.

Why do they refuse to fix the zerg problem. So one of the major issues I have ran into in all of my test is that in the deep zones you run into two things either a player playing the flavor of the month who is unstoppable 1v1 or a zerg. Now with living next to EoS I think I can speak very wisely of this that zergs need limited. The triple party groups and double party groups ruin all game mechanics and make it a don’t over-extend/have more people war.

Now how to fix the problem

Solution A. Hard-Capping at 20 people. Once a group has 20 the party fills anyone not in a party will be able to hit one another. This will also fix the desire for players being able to practice 5v5’s on eachother. No kill fame for your own guild mates so no boosting but that is a easy fix.

Solution B. Calculate the amount of damage of a number of players to 20 at all times. This means if you have 10 people in your party and your enemy has 40 your enemies damage would be cut in half and your damage would be doubled heals and defensive buffs receive the same treatment making outnumbered fights possible and meaning that big groups still have a advantage in utility skills without the need to leave people out or make massive groups.

3. More PvP in General
This is trickier but, still possible first of all along with what I said in point one about zone changes and resource changes. Please reduce the amount of BlackZones/Guild Territories.
These used to be for the elite and should go back to being this way.

Secondly make relic lockers on a 1 hour cooldown. 1 this will allow more relic items into the game which at the moment are hard to justify using unless you are part of a guild with massive slave grinders or a no life like me.

Third re-introduce good incentives for yellowzone PvP. Basically re-add the 20% of silver pouch drop on down. This made yellow-zones actually dangerous and fun.

Give castles more incentive and/or make them less abundant/make bigger ones with better rewards/more competition

Lastly along with the other steps re-introduce zerg clusters on the mini-map in black zones. If you are in a blackzone after these changes were added you should be up there with the A Grade teams and shouldn’t need to hide.

4. Post that also should be looked at and should be added.

Please at-least take a gander even if you do not read the whole thing I just really liked this game first two test and will still play it at launch for sure but, if it keeps taking this soft core approach I don’t even know.

Lastly these are my opinions if you dis-agree feel free to say so and give me your opinion and your solution to the problem or what you have a problem with.

Make Albion Great Again

Remove time zones: you are free to choose to live anywhere in the huge Albion world, Sandbox is freedom, International guilds have no future anymore in this game, currently we have 3 clustered NA, EU and OCE servers linked to each others

Remove execute in the outlands: you shall execute only in the royal islands; the outlands are the wastelands, no rules, no reputation, only blood, or you know what, what is the percentage of players who knocked down a player without executing him ? if it is more than 1% then you can keep this system in the red zones, I’m sure every knocked down player is executed at once, not by someone but by a horde spamming space bar button.

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Add GVG to red and yellow zones: for non zerg guilds, GVG lovers without top tier gear will have a chance to enjoy the Albion GVG system, the current GVG is only for guilds with huge resources aka Zerg guilds , you want to let everyone enjoy the game or just the Big guilds ? (attract more LOL / dota players that want to enjoy the GVG without having a top gear), Albion is a niche game for 7000 hardcore and semi-hardcore players or a massive game for more than 70k players ?

Remove Transmutator: FIXED? “instead of costing silver, it will allow you to turn X of the previous tier resources into 1 higher tier resources” and remove completely the current Transmutation using silver system P2W

LP should be shared between same account characters: Crafters specialists main characters will shine, every player have an alt to craft his gear to t6, there is no known crafters in game, just a guild crafter or alt crafter (if you want to have an alt crafter, buy a new account)

Smart way to balance weapons and skills: Investigate the most and least popular weapons and gear used by players
For example the Quarterstaff tree VS Sword tree
Focus on the weapons and gear that most people are using (like the meditation for example, used by tanks, bruisers, DPS ranged, all builds except cloth with ice block), and analyze it via a new panel of selected players with the coordination of SBI team,
And also focus on the least used weapons: Quarterstaff, Daggers etc.
Balancing graph : a very hard task : we are still at 10 X-axis on this graph, still a long way until total balance

Why “we don’t even like this game” and some solutions

To start, I am obvious in the alliance “we don’t even like this game” (Red Army, Envy, Warlegend) however it is not far from the truth that many of us don’t even like this game anymore at this point and may not even play at launch. I’d like to share my thoughts on some problems in the game at this point, and some possible solutions. I’m sure others that played last beta will agree.

#1 Harvesting / Crafting is too much of a grind

  • Sure you can get to tier VII or VIII right now as far as being able to use a weapon or armor, but good luck finding someone who can craft it for you. Way too much fame is needed at the moment in the higher levels of harvesting and crafting. As for the resources, currently finding high tier resources especially enchanted with the current respawn rates is absurd. This leads to a plateau of people mostly in the same tiers. It’s a boring game when everyone pretty much is going to be wearing variations of the same tiers.
  • I encountered an interesting “bug” the other day. Someone in my guild called out a 5.3 fiber but for me it wasn’t blue or 5.3 it was just 5.0 even when I harvested it. He came over to the node when I couldn’t find it after his ping and said it was .3 or rare to him and he would have been able to harvest it at .3 if he could but it was regular to me. Usually this isn’t the case and I would see it as 5.3 and blue as he did. However, I think this may be somewhat of a solution in disguise.
  • Since this obviously took place as a “bug” I think It can be coded in the game relatively easily. Make it so each account sees resources differently. So maybe like 1-in-65 chance to see uncommon, 1-in-365 chance to see rare, 1 – in- 950 chance to be purple . etc… Whatever the #’s would be they could adjust the odds as needed. This would also avoid over saturation of farming for .2+ resources, because likely that .3 you find was standard tier to someone else, so it gives everyone a fair chance at harvesting rare resources based on their time spent and not when someone else had already been there. It also eliminates calling out resources in guild or alliance chat. This would allow for a much more controlled and predictable amount of resources into the game at a more stable rate.

Albion Online

#2 Red zones / Black zones?

  • It used to be badass to own a territory in a black zone. Now the red zone really isn’t different than black zone, especially in terms of resource harvesting, and owning a territory in the black zone doesn’t mean much. This needs to be addressed.

#3 The game world is too big and is going to get even larger with added biomes

  • They are expecting a much larger turnout/ amount of active players than there actually will be at this point. The world is too big for the amount of actual /active players, and while the solo gatherer may like sparseness, organized groups looking for some pvp action will not. The game already feels way too sparse. I think they should make the world at least 30% smaller than it is right now INCLUDING the biomes that will be added, so obviously some existing maps must be deleted. I roamed the black zone for several hours the other night (not on the island we control) looking for random pvp and I didn’t see a single person. It felt like a dead game. This game once was and should be centered around PVP and there needs to be more risk to the reward. Making the world map larger than it is already is not the answer.

These are my top 3 concerns at the moment and I’m sure many pvp minded people will agree. Feel free to add to the list.

Changes for an exciting launch

I’ve been hopping around the forums since this beta started, been over a year since I last played prior.

Here’s my thoughts as an old UO player, who kickstarted albion and hasn’t played since very early beta’s (and has played pretty much nonstop since this beta launched to prep for release). I get that I haven’t been keeping in touch during whole ride like some people have, so maybe there’s good reason why some of these things are the way they are.

So, if anyone thinks any of these changes would be bad design choices, please persuade me, so I can in turn persuade others. I have a lot of friends, especially old UO players who I would love to get into Albion, but there’s some red flags preventing many from pulling the trigger when I talk about the game.

Remove Alts

  • There’s no reason for alts in a game where you can learn everything. In its current form it is abused with the current LP system and multiple private islands. There’s also plenty of other ways to easily abuse alts, from spying to scouting, that hurt PvP. If people want to abuse these things, at least force them to buy an additional account, 1 character per account makes far more sense in this game.

Remove LP

  • Just give players a rested fame bonus based on how much time offline up to a cap, and lower overall fame requirements (especially in certain categories that are painfully slow atm). LP seems like such a strange way to help casuals when versions of rested experience date all the way back to UO with power hour. The current system is just abused by non-casuals for faster progression through alts. The LP build up also causes players to bypass lower tiers of the game, hurting meaningful progression and making me question why those lower tier zones exist at all.

Customize Islands

  • Other than their main house, let players decide what goes on their island. For example, if someone wanted to focus on farming, he’d probably rather have 1 more farm plot vs 2 more building plots, or however you want to balance plot/building ratio. That could and should be an option if farming was more involved and required effort, discussed next.

Change Farming

  • Make it a viable profession and way to play the game, rather than a daily 24h chore/income generator. Make it more active rather than time gated, and add more buildings + interactions and professions associated with it. Some people just wanna play mmo harvest moon/farmville/whatever on their island and supply their friends with food/mounts/pets/rares. That should be an option, but require effort and feel rewarding for time invested. Right now it’s a “wait x amount of time for free money” mechanic that requires no effort, a daily chore. It’s not fun gameplay. Also see Laborers below.

Change Laborers

  • Buying and filling up books, boring. I have a stockpile of a ton of filled ones, it’s now a once a day click chore like farming is. Also highly abused, especially with alt islands, just like current farms. After initial investment I now make a crazy profits sending a small army of npc’s out to collect silver for me in what’s the equivalent of a couple slave islands.
  • Instead of slave camps, replace laborers with a personal companion/lackey you can customize in your home. Assign them chores to speed up things around the island (farm growth/yield buff) or give minor buffs to the buildings output (small resource return), or really anything other than free income slave camps.



  • In Shadowbane there was a fun mechanic called hotzones, where all drops were doubled in that zone for a couple hours. This brought zones to life with fun PvP and higher rewards. In safe zones it might be too much, put them in red/black zones to encourage risk/reward/pvp. Since the zones are pretty void of enemies outside the dungeons, have temporary camps pop up when the hotzone goes live. Can make it an event like so-and-so bad guys took over x area, clear em out!

Rare Mob Spawn

  • Dungeons being this static are reaaaaaal boring for the dungeoneer, outside of the occasional ganking or being ganked. Easiest thing would be to add a chance for rare mob packs to spawn like in Diablo. Give them random modifiers to give players a challenge and yield better rewards and chance of artifact drop.

Artifact rework

  • Maybe missing something here, but I HATE how artifacts work right now. All these little fragments are just annoying, it makes me skip looting most the time cause it’s a pain and feels unrewarding. Get rid of fragment drop, keep rare whole artifact drops so when you see a bag you know it’s something good, and increase whole artifact drops in Hotzones (if implemented), Hellgates, and other heavily contested areas. If it has to have some sorta silver sink or whatever, make them unidentified or something and pay silver to ID them.

Question about launch / post launch

Just a few questions I have about launch / post launch.

1. Are things (gear etc) going to be getting buffed / nerfed all the time like in the beta? Is this game pretty much going to be league of legends with new gear, op items being released, nerfs on older items etc all the time? The reason I ask is because as a guy who works 12 hours a day I don’t want to, for example, specialize my main character as a dagger user only to find out that after I reach T6 that my gear is being nerfed and I become completely useless and have to grind up an entire other skill tree in order to use a weapon or piece of armor that actually works. That is a huge concern that I have. I understand that “you are what you wear” but I think any player who has played longer than 24 hours knows that if you do not specialize then you are pretty much useless in any serious situations. I fully understand that in any game there are “meta builds” and all that but I think there is a very fine line here between an MMO and a MOBA that needs to be addressed properly or the entire house of cards will come crashing down.

2. If the answer to my previous question is “yes” then it begs the question, should there be a way to respec your character? I, for example, would rather pay a little to respec my character that I put days and days, if not weeks, of in-game time into rather than rerolling an entirely new character because something is considered overpowered because people can’t learn how to counter it- such as the claymore currently.

I fully understand that MMO’s are always going to be changing but since this isn’t your run of the mill MMO it’s going to become a second job just to keep up with, or surpass, the meta game if gear and spells are getting changed all the time. I also understand that if something is truly broken, as in a bug or exploit, that it NEEDS to be fixed so I’m not talking about that, I am simply talking about the “standard of the game”.

If anyone has any insight into this I would really like to get some feedback, maybe a dev can address this question. I looked but couldn’t find this question on the forums so if there is a thread with this question answered please link me.

Anyway, on a closing note, I am truly enjoying the game and am looking forward to the final launch and seeing how this game progresses. It is truly ground breaking.

Thanks for your time everyone

Hell gates: Boring, low risk, low reward


I wanted to write up a bit of feedback about hell gates, and why in the current version of the game I think they’re pretty crappy.

Lets start off with what Hellgates are supposed to be. They are supposed to be instanced PvP with a mix of PvE. They should be high risk, high reward. You should be able to go out, get a hell gate, and expect to hit some PvP. It’s risky, but the high rewards of the hellgate (good loot, and PvP loot.) should make up for it.

However, currently there is very little to no good loot in hellgates. It’s almost all T3 shards, which cost a ton to make into artifacts. Overall, there is no good reward.

Logically following from lack of reward is lack of people doing them. Which disqualifies the the PvP aspect. You can do 10 hell gates in a row, finding no good PvP. This leads to hell gates being quite boring, and even more decreases the reward, now there is no PvP loot.

Logically following from lack of people, is now lack of risk. You can do a ton of hell gates, with little expectations of dying.

This leads to hellgates being boring, with no real reason to do them. The risk is low, the reward is low, and there is no thrill. They’re basically easy dungeons with no reason to do them.

So how do we fix them?

1- Increase the rewards.
2- Find ways to funnel more people into hell gates, besides higher rewards.

The first point is easy, make the artifacts worth more. Dont force us to pay higher prices to make the scraps into artifacts, and for the love of god please get rid of T3 scraps entirely. They sell for 1 silver each on the market, because they are totally worthless. Either make a way for them to turn into T4 for free, or get rid of them.

As for the T4+ scraps, lets reduce the cost for them to turn into an artifact. Gathering them in dungeon runs is enough, why do i have to pay huge sums to make them useful?

The first point is less so. First off, Hell gates shouldn’t be something you have to look for. Finding a hell gate is half the time of doing a hell gate. Let one pop up in every zone, all the time. This stops me having to look for a hellgate for 15 minutes before having to do one.

If anyone else has some good feedback, I’ll add it to the thread. Hopefully these help improve the current hellgate situation.

TL:DR- Improve loot in hell gates, make them spawn in every zone that has the capacity to have one.

Albion Online: Suggestion regarding study mechanic

While working on my crafting skills I noticed a few things about my behavior which influenced the auction house “glut” of certain items.

First, I noticed that I would not buy anything off the auction house to it study unless it was about 40-50% below the cost of the materials since I could simply buy the materials and break down the product for a greater net gain if I was near my guild’s town or near my island.

Second, I noticed that when the items were priced sufficiently low enough I would often buy out the entire backlog of extremely low priced items.

Third, as I was getting into T4 items, I noticed there were a number of items that were priced below the material cost, but not low enough to justify my buying them and studying them for T5 skills.

This brings me to my suggestion, to help further reduce the backlog of crafted items in the auction houses below the value of their parts, increase the gain from studied items to 150%-300% of the fame gained from making the item. This could have the benefit of putting a “floor” on crafted goods since it would be more efficient to buy items there were priced roughly at 75%-150% the cost of materials than to craft it yourself (depending on the percentage used) . This would allow new players the opportunity to break into the crafting professions and make a small profit from the items crafted and keep crafted items from going below the cost of the materials (hopefully).

This could also apply to only items crafted by other players if the concern is about people leveling up their professions too quickly by crafting/studying their own items.

Albion Online: The current reputation system

The current reputation system needs to be changed. Why can we not freely pvp without reputation loss anywhere without having to be a hardcore 24/7 gamer? There are unrestricted pvp zones on the royal island, where even treasure chests spawn. But I can’t fight for that chest because if I make 2-3 kills it locks me out of my hometown.

If I understand it correctly, if someone attacks you while you are albion online silver farming trees or ore w/e. You fight back and maybe kill them and then you will get a reputation decrease?? For just defending yourself? Or am I getting it wrong and are you allowed to defend yourself?

Its currently very hard to understand the rules about reputation system and I feel like it is ruining casual fun pvp. Can I freely pvp in black zone? Can I defend myself? Can I fight other players who have turned on pvp? Can I fight without loss in an unrestricted area?

I have found some info on the forum. It says I can freely pvp in unrestricted zone. But what happens if I use curse or fire staff or any dmg dot weapon and do enough dmg so he will die after a few seconds,. In these seconds he runs out of the unrestricted pvp zone and dies outside. Will this cost reputation? Because I think this happened to me.
Do I always lose reputation if I kill another player?

Why is there no clear menu or txt ingame explaining how reputation works? Do you think everyone will spend Albion Online Gold looking on google or some forum post somewhere explaining how it works? Plz add an ingame txt so that players can find and understand how reputation works.

Why can players get reputation loss in red and black full pvp zones? Everyone there is red by default. Whats even the point of making that map full pvp if your not allowed to pvp in it.
I understand that lots of players just want to farm or get rich or w/e. But then make more limited pvp maps for them. Or change the world map, shuffle more safe zones between pvp zones, so players can choose safe routes to travel further into the island/farm.

I have no idea how or where to pvp at this moment. I can enter a full pvp map, but who will I fight there? If i attack a farmer i will probably get punished. I understand that.This is not a bad thing, let people farm in red zones and feel safer because they have a good reputation.

But if a group of players tries to kill me for my loot on a full pvp map. Should I even fight back? I dont know what their reputation is. How can I even their reputation so quickly, I heard its a star next to their name or something. Am I suppose to be so quick that if 5 guys use Albion Online Silver and run at me to take all my equipment I should check all 5 players real quick to see which one I can defend against and which one I should not attack first??? I have read somewhere that if they are in a party, it doesnt matter or something and I can defend. But what if they are just on skype or ts? No real need for them to be in a party in a full red map.

How the reputation system works right now: there is no room for casual gamers that have irl work and just want to spend an evening doing some farming,then doing a dungeon, and having some fun in small pvp fights on maps where everyone knows they are for pvp. Just a place where I can freely enter, everyone is red, and I can fight other people for fun. Why does it all have to be so stressed.

I just want to be able to get some friends, go on skype, go with a small group 2-4 player and go to a map to fight some fun pvp battles. Its fine if all equip drops or breaks. Makes the battles more interesting if your fighting to get their armor weapons etc etc. Why is this not possible?

The old rules were clear and simple. Everyone saw the big block of txt when they went to the map: WARNING YOU ARE ENTERING A PVP ZONE, YOUR EQUIPMENT WILL DROP HERE. Everyone knew why they were at the map and what risks they were taking. Lots of people just went to the closest pvp maps to have a good time. Now its some vague law system, that sometimes punishes me if I attack a player and sometimes not. But it is in many situations not possible to know if youre committing a crime. Its like making a big arena for gladiators who want to fight eachother for money, but if they attack the wrong target by accident they are not allowed to go home.

So I can either be a farmer who does some beginning dungeons, or I can be a hardcore 24/7 pvper who lives in a black zone in a massive guild.

sorry for my bad english and sorry for my long post.
I really liked this game last beta, it was hardcore but also fun. You were always scared to lose your expensive equipment in red zones, but hey, you knew that was the risk when u entered that zone. You came there to have fun and try to become better at pvp and steal other peoples equipment. There was nothing wrong with that, its what made the game awesome for casual gamers.

Albion Online:Fix the zerg

The zerg mentality is one I never got to wrap my head around. What fun is there to roll through small scale content with 2x-5x the numbers appropriate for it? What fun is there to trample over a group of 5 with a group of 15-20+?

The content for small scale players is sort of there, but again sort of not. The Hellgates FINALLY are worthwhile to do again after the last test being worthless. If they expand on Hellgates and make them actually worthwhile to run over and over and over again, I would be buy Cheap Albion Online Gold. However, people still aren’t running them that often because its WAY EASIER to zerg down dungeons and get all the scraps and artifacts they want from that, rather than run a fair 5v5 hellgate.

Those 5 man GvGs you want us to participate in? We can’t even run our group over to one to lay claim or siege to them before we get zerged down. We’ve tried, many many times. Yeah maybe we just suck. Yeah maybe we have the worst luck in the history of this game. But as it stands, the black zones are a cesspool. Bring territory back to red zones and prevent guilds with more than X players from claiming them. No alliances allowed. That’ll actually bring small scale GvG back to the “Royal Islands”.

While we’re at it, lets bring the highest content to the game to the royal islands so we can actually participate in it (raid dungeons and tier 8 zones). Lets add “Portal Storms” for guilds and alliances to the royal islands so that a group of 15+ in the same guild or alliance near each other get kicked off the royal islands and back to the black zone so they can’t zerg us down. Let’s make it so that if the zerg wants to actually get AO Silver off the Royal Islands they need to pay a premium for it. Let’s make it so that the zerg guilds can never set foot on the royal islands again so that they can understand what its like for us to try and enter black zones. Having 50% of the land mass cut off from you is absurd.

Fix the zergs.I think you are mis-interpretting their vision. The anti-zerg mechanics are in place so that having a pure number advantage does not always work. It has nothing to do with limiting the size of the battle. 5v5, 50v50, 100v100 all fit into the anti-zerg mechanics. It has been stated before that Albion Online would cater to a large crowd of people from those who want to do only PvE, trade, craft, small scale pvp, large scale.

The black zones were created with the purpose of being a playground for the zergs so smaller guilds could engage in the royal lands where it would be harder and more penalizing to enter with albion online gold shop. This ofcourse may not be quite balanced out yet as I think one of the real problems right now is that you pretty much need to have territory or some holding in the black lands to continuously roam the redlands for kills.

Anyways to go back on what I originally said, they do not want the winner’s of fights to solely be due in part to numbers or even gear level. If two armies, one with 60 people and the other with 45 engaged who do you think would win? If the 45 players were better coordinated, had better compositions and all shoudln’t they beable to win against the 60? This is the real reason for the anti-zerg.

Albion’s Caters to Zergs Too Much

Now, before you all bash on me, let me explain my position.

This is a sandbox game, and as such, everyone should be able to do whatever they want, roll solo, bring 100 people to roam a limited pvp zone, and that is all well and good.

However, there should be some restrictions to make it so it’s not encouraged. Let me give an example.

Currently, there is zero deterrent for a group to 10v1 someone. None.

Should a single person be able to fight 10 to make Albion Online Silver? Not at all, this game does not have a high skill ceiling whatsoever, it is 90% gear based. But, in order for the game to cater to different groups and playstyles, I feel that one person should have a CHANCE to get away, and the 10 people should get next to nothing for killing someone with that many assists.

A couple ideas to switch the mentality up around here.

1- If a person gets CC’d, the duration of the CC is reduced based on how many people hit him. On top of that, if someone is CC’d multiple times, it should diminish or not keep stacking as it does now, there should be a buffer that gives the person getting blobbed at least a SPECK of a chance to counter play.

2- If Multiple people attack someone, each person added to the assist should increase the chance of gear getting destroyed. This would cause people to zerg, with less. IE, hey that guy is in t5, let me see if I can 1v1 him I want that sword. As opposed to, bring every one!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a smallscale elitist pvper who comes from a much more hardcore game, but, the GvGs in this game are 5v5s, which means, even groups like mine can be major contenders and I feel open world pvp should definitely have a couple more deterrants to the incessant blobbing I see by everyone. The nonstop allying nutcupping in a beta is understandable, people are playing to find albion online gold for sale. But what most of these people don’t realize is that blobs actually hurt the other portion of the population that is not interested in “Allying” and calling it a political power move. I get my jollies from fighting outnumbered, everyone has different styles that work for them. I am just asking for the non zerg style to have a bit more of a chance at this point. One of the main reasons I stopped looking at this game when I played Alpha in 2013 was zergs could chain CC and you legitimately could do nothing. It looks like some minor changes have happened, but not enough to stop that.

I’m open for discussion so lets bring some debate to this topic.