I was thinking on a Albion’s pvp content

Hi guys, i was thinking on a good pvp content to make this game more variuos and to indroduce people at the fight mechanics ….

The Battle islands:

One istanced territory ( hell Gates style) in yellow and red zones.at same time,we have to safe albion online silver where there is only one central tower that must be conquer by 2 teams in 10vs10…


-no criminal system here

-the system of points works like gvg, every min the team that has not the tower loose 10 points, starting from 200 points. Every kill is 5 points

– In Yellow zones (are capped at normal t6), you die, but you dont loose your loot. If you die you can spawn only other 2 times.
Every player can do it only 1 time for day
Rewards in silvers

-In Red zones ( are capped at normal t8), you die and you loose your loot. You can die without limit and you can put your armors in the Battle voult where you take the boat for Islands
Every player can do it only 1 time for day.
Rewards in silvers

At the port that take you to the islands, you must know how to buy albion online gold before, choosing your favourite time table and if you will be matched (casually) with another team, the day after the Battle will start at that hour.

What do you think about it?


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