I’m a pretty hardcore player of Albion online

I’d like to start a discussion to talk about gathering and crafting, and the increased requirements and reduced fame given.

First of all, I’d like to start with gathering tools progressing from tier 3 to 4. I personally believe you should be able to progress your tool by gathering the same tier material and the higher. You haveĀ Albion Online Gold for having to gather a higher resource than your tool, so one of the two should be changed. You should not be debuffed in order to progress, you should at least be able to gather tier 3 to progress to 4.

Tier 4 to 5 seems a bit better, being able to gather .2+ resources should allow for a shorter grind than tier 3 to 4 but when it comes to stone hammers, I believe that even the reduced fame (I think it’s like 350k fame instead of 540k) should be made smaller or stone fame increased in order to match .2-.4 fames. 4.4 is 32 times the fame of tier 4, just to put it in to perspective.

Tools: Right now crafting tools is absolutely absurd. The fame requirements are extremely too high, to progress to tier 5 tools you need to craft around 1200 of that tool. Even if you’re crafting 600 and studying 600, that’s still 3600 wood and 1200 metal per. That’s ridiculous honestly. It should be halved in my opinion.

I’m a pretty hardcore player, and even I think crafting tools isn’t viable. The gathering is more just annoying, not game breaking.

Please follow up with what you think, and let’s discuss any changes to crafting or gathering.

I understand what you say, and I agree with you really.
I come from a game that sometimes to make more Albion Online Silver, sometimes take hours to go and come back. So this is not my problem for me.

My problem is, I can make a quick trip from one city to another, but to do that I have to go naked.
For me it makes sense, do this trip with the body kit, armor and weapon, nothing more.

Why, I do this trip ? Is not to transport resources, it is for a quick play with my friends (ex .: make a dungen), or simply get to know other areas, or take a peek on the market for future transport and sell. It’s fair ? right.

I believe that they will return this possibility, as it existed in the previous version (without the part of transport resources) .
I just felt the need to complain about, because I really believe in this game, i like it and I want it to succeed.


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