Add a help icon in Albion Online

I mean the grind is with any mmo. I do like that you have to move around the map to get resources instead of standing still like in rinescape. That would be horrible. Plus when I look for something like Tin, sometimes I run into elemental ore creatures which are cool to take down. Maybe more resource related monster would be cool with a bonus of more resources if you find albion online gold market, or some ideas to make up for the grind could be cool.

if you think the game grind and lack of content is bad now… You have it great compared too a year ago… That being said.. I like the grind… It separates the casuals and the hardcore players who reach endgame content.. As for lack of raid loot.. We have no idea what is endgame now or if it has changed to last beta… The simple fact that you get artifacts now from drops.. Is huge.. And some of the special ones only,might drop from bosses.. Were not sure..

The U.I. yea is bad.. But is better than it was before.. And you have to realize it has to work on phones and tablets also..

Lack of skill needed for PVP… I couldn’t disagree with you more.. It all comes down to player build class and skill… Obviously a T4 shouldn’t beat a T8 player.. But a T7 can beat T8

Solo content.. This isn’t a game for solo players period.. Its a MMO not offline casuals
For the whole people can kill you while your doing bosses.. Just means you need to scout more and always keep in mind a group can be waiting to kill you.. If it was all instance based.. It would be borring.

P.S. wasn’t meaning to sound like a D*** in this post.. These are my own views and why I disagree with you on certain topics..

This game has so much to it, that no one knows about anything without Albion Online Gold, and even the unofficial wikis are barely touched

My suggestion is to make a help icon, or something of those sorts – you pick the name. Let it give clear, simple definitions on different game aspects. For example, one section on pvp. Then list the different colored zones, with a brief summary of what it is and why it matters. The list goes on and on, and I think it would be really important. Thanks.


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