Albion Online: The reputation system

After doing a lot of dungeons and hellgates, our guild would like some pvp action! So we went with a group of 4 people to kill some guys in the red zone. We got 3 kills, looted some horses, and ruined some people’s lives. In short we had a great time. As a result of killing those 3 guys, the 4 of us became infamous. This means that we cannot enter the green zones and cannot buy safe albion online silver. We are asking ourselves, How do we become neutral again?

The general chat suggested killing mobs, so we went in a dungeon and nothing helped. Other people said we just had to wait. 1 member of our group decided to trade all his stuff and kill himself, so he could pick up our stuff so we could kill ourselves. However this resulted in me being overweight and he being stuck in a black zone city. Now we have to wait EIGHT DAYS till we can play again! This is insane!

Serouisly what were you thinking with this system? This game is mostly about pvp, but this system ruins it. Now you make it only viable for big guilds, who have territories and cities they can access. Smaller or starting guilds cannot have fun with pvp, since they would end up like we did. Rework this system or get rid of it!

I can understand that someone shouldn’t be able to kill someone, and immediately deflag in order to be save, but that system was already there. After you attack someone as a hostile you have to wait a certain amount of time, before you can buy Cheap Albion Online Gold. This is a risk reward system, and it is a good system. Having to wait 8 days and not being able to do anything simply sucks. I appreciate the work you guys do, but everyone makes mistakes. This an example of a mistake you made. Rework it or get rid of it.

Chill, It is a bug with rep system that will be fixed tomorrow.

Anyway, you will not be able to harass whole zone all day long with your zerg. If u want do so – go to black zones. If u want to pvp in red zones – kill other red and neutral people and catch several really nice carebeears per day, but not try to kill every peace player, otherwise u will be restricted from cities even after bugfix.You want me to go to a black zone in tier 4, that is ridiculous! We were also not zerging, with only 4 guys. We also had only 3 kills and we are now are restricted from green areas for 8 days.i think you should always be allowed to get fame back, it stimulates you to take risks in the open world and eventually get killed instead of having to log out.


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