Albion Online:Fix the zerg

The zerg mentality is one I never got to wrap my head around. What fun is there to roll through small scale content with 2x-5x the numbers appropriate for it? What fun is there to trample over a group of 5 with a group of 15-20+?

The content for small scale players is sort of there, but again sort of not. The Hellgates FINALLY are worthwhile to do again after the last test being worthless. If they expand on Hellgates and make them actually worthwhile to run over and over and over again, I would be buy Cheap Albion Online Gold. However, people still aren’t running them that often because its WAY EASIER to zerg down dungeons and get all the scraps and artifacts they want from that, rather than run a fair 5v5 hellgate.

Those 5 man GvGs you want us to participate in? We can’t even run our group over to one to lay claim or siege to them before we get zerged down. We’ve tried, many many times. Yeah maybe we just suck. Yeah maybe we have the worst luck in the history of this game. But as it stands, the black zones are a cesspool. Bring territory back to red zones and prevent guilds with more than X players from claiming them. No alliances allowed. That’ll actually bring small scale GvG back to the “Royal Islands”.

While we’re at it, lets bring the highest content to the game to the royal islands so we can actually participate in it (raid dungeons and tier 8 zones). Lets add “Portal Storms” for guilds and alliances to the royal islands so that a group of 15+ in the same guild or alliance near each other get kicked off the royal islands and back to the black zone so they can’t zerg us down. Let’s make it so that if the zerg wants to actually get AO Silver off the Royal Islands they need to pay a premium for it. Let’s make it so that the zerg guilds can never set foot on the royal islands again so that they can understand what its like for us to try and enter black zones. Having 50% of the land mass cut off from you is absurd.

Fix the zergs.I think you are mis-interpretting their vision. The anti-zerg mechanics are in place so that having a pure number advantage does not always work. It has nothing to do with limiting the size of the battle. 5v5, 50v50, 100v100 all fit into the anti-zerg mechanics. It has been stated before that Albion Online would cater to a large crowd of people from those who want to do only PvE, trade, craft, small scale pvp, large scale.

The black zones were created with the purpose of being a playground for the zergs so smaller guilds could engage in the royal lands where it would be harder and more penalizing to enter with albion online gold shop. This ofcourse may not be quite balanced out yet as I think one of the real problems right now is that you pretty much need to have territory or some holding in the black lands to continuously roam the redlands for kills.

Anyways to go back on what I originally said, they do not want the winner’s of fights to solely be due in part to numbers or even gear level. If two armies, one with 60 people and the other with 45 engaged who do you think would win? If the 45 players were better coordinated, had better compositions and all shoudln’t they beable to win against the 60? This is the real reason for the anti-zerg.


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