Albion’s Caters to Zergs Too Much

Now, before you all bash on me, let me explain my position.

This is a sandbox game, and as such, everyone should be able to do whatever they want, roll solo, bring 100 people to roam a limited pvp zone, and that is all well and good.

However, there should be some restrictions to make it so it’s not encouraged. Let me give an example.

Currently, there is zero deterrent for a group to 10v1 someone. None.

Should a single person be able to fight 10 to make Albion Online Silver? Not at all, this game does not have a high skill ceiling whatsoever, it is 90% gear based. But, in order for the game to cater to different groups and playstyles, I feel that one person should have a CHANCE to get away, and the 10 people should get next to nothing for killing someone with that many assists.

A couple ideas to switch the mentality up around here.

1- If a person gets CC’d, the duration of the CC is reduced based on how many people hit him. On top of that, if someone is CC’d multiple times, it should diminish or not keep stacking as it does now, there should be a buffer that gives the person getting blobbed at least a SPECK of a chance to counter play.

2- If Multiple people attack someone, each person added to the assist should increase the chance of gear getting destroyed. This would cause people to zerg, with less. IE, hey that guy is in t5, let me see if I can 1v1 him I want that sword. As opposed to, bring every one!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a smallscale elitist pvper who comes from a much more hardcore game, but, the GvGs in this game are 5v5s, which means, even groups like mine can be major contenders and I feel open world pvp should definitely have a couple more deterrants to the incessant blobbing I see by everyone. The nonstop allying nutcupping in a beta is understandable, people are playing to find albion online gold for sale. But what most of these people don’t realize is that blobs actually hurt the other portion of the population that is not interested in “Allying” and calling it a political power move. I get my jollies from fighting outnumbered, everyone has different styles that work for them. I am just asking for the non zerg style to have a bit more of a chance at this point. One of the main reasons I stopped looking at this game when I played Alpha in 2013 was zergs could chain CC and you legitimately could do nothing. It looks like some minor changes have happened, but not enough to stop that.

I’m open for discussion so lets bring some debate to this topic.


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