Albion Online: The current reputation system

The current reputation system needs to be changed. Why can we not freely pvp without reputation loss anywhere without having to be a hardcore 24/7 gamer? There are unrestricted pvp zones on the royal island, where even treasure chests spawn. But I can’t fight for that chest because if I make 2-3 kills it locks me out of my hometown.

If I understand it correctly, if someone attacks you while you are albion online silver farming trees or ore w/e. You fight back and maybe kill them and then you will get a reputation decrease?? For just defending yourself? Or am I getting it wrong and are you allowed to defend yourself?

Its currently very hard to understand the rules about reputation system and I feel like it is ruining casual fun pvp. Can I freely pvp in black zone? Can I defend myself? Can I fight other players who have turned on pvp? Can I fight without loss in an unrestricted area?

I have found some info on the forum. It says I can freely pvp in unrestricted zone. But what happens if I use curse or fire staff or any dmg dot weapon and do enough dmg so he will die after a few seconds,. In these seconds he runs out of the unrestricted pvp zone and dies outside. Will this cost reputation? Because I think this happened to me.
Do I always lose reputation if I kill another player?

Why is there no clear menu or txt ingame explaining how reputation works? Do you think everyone will spend Albion Online Gold looking on google or some forum post somewhere explaining how it works? Plz add an ingame txt so that players can find and understand how reputation works.

Why can players get reputation loss in red and black full pvp zones? Everyone there is red by default. Whats even the point of making that map full pvp if your not allowed to pvp in it.
I understand that lots of players just want to farm or get rich or w/e. But then make more limited pvp maps for them. Or change the world map, shuffle more safe zones between pvp zones, so players can choose safe routes to travel further into the island/farm.

I have no idea how or where to pvp at this moment. I can enter a full pvp map, but who will I fight there? If i attack a farmer i will probably get punished. I understand that.This is not a bad thing, let people farm in red zones and feel safer because they have a good reputation.

But if a group of players tries to kill me for my loot on a full pvp map. Should I even fight back? I dont know what their reputation is. How can I even their reputation so quickly, I heard its a star next to their name or something. Am I suppose to be so quick that if 5 guys use Albion Online Silver and run at me to take all my equipment I should check all 5 players real quick to see which one I can defend against and which one I should not attack first??? I have read somewhere that if they are in a party, it doesnt matter or something and I can defend. But what if they are just on skype or ts? No real need for them to be in a party in a full red map.

How the reputation system works right now: there is no room for casual gamers that have irl work and just want to spend an evening doing some farming,then doing a dungeon, and having some fun in small pvp fights on maps where everyone knows they are for pvp. Just a place where I can freely enter, everyone is red, and I can fight other people for fun. Why does it all have to be so stressed.

I just want to be able to get some friends, go on skype, go with a small group 2-4 player and go to a map to fight some fun pvp battles. Its fine if all equip drops or breaks. Makes the battles more interesting if your fighting to get their armor weapons etc etc. Why is this not possible?

The old rules were clear and simple. Everyone saw the big block of txt when they went to the map: WARNING YOU ARE ENTERING A PVP ZONE, YOUR EQUIPMENT WILL DROP HERE. Everyone knew why they were at the map and what risks they were taking. Lots of people just went to the closest pvp maps to have a good time. Now its some vague law system, that sometimes punishes me if I attack a player and sometimes not. But it is in many situations not possible to know if youre committing a crime. Its like making a big arena for gladiators who want to fight eachother for money, but if they attack the wrong target by accident they are not allowed to go home.

So I can either be a farmer who does some beginning dungeons, or I can be a hardcore 24/7 pvper who lives in a black zone in a massive guild.

sorry for my bad english and sorry for my long post.
I really liked this game last beta, it was hardcore but also fun. You were always scared to lose your expensive equipment in red zones, but hey, you knew that was the risk when u entered that zone. You came there to have fun and try to become better at pvp and steal other peoples equipment. There was nothing wrong with that, its what made the game awesome for casual gamers.


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