Albion Online: Suggestion regarding study mechanic

While working on my crafting skills I noticed a few things about my behavior which influenced the auction house “glut” of certain items.

First, I noticed that I would not buy anything off the auction house to it study unless it was about 40-50% below the cost of the materials since I could simply buy the materials and break down the product for a greater net gain if I was near my guild’s town or near my island.

Second, I noticed that when the items were priced sufficiently low enough I would often buy out the entire backlog of extremely low priced items.

Third, as I was getting into T4 items, I noticed there were a number of items that were priced below the material cost, but not low enough to justify my buying them and studying them for T5 skills.

This brings me to my suggestion, to help further reduce the backlog of crafted items in the auction houses below the value of their parts, increase the gain from studied items to 150%-300% of the fame gained from making the item. This could have the benefit of putting a “floor” on crafted goods since it would be more efficient to buy items there were priced roughly at 75%-150% the cost of materials than to craft it yourself (depending on the percentage used) . This would allow new players the opportunity to break into the crafting professions and make a small profit from the items crafted and keep crafted items from going below the cost of the materials (hopefully).

This could also apply to only items crafted by other players if the concern is about people leveling up their professions too quickly by crafting/studying their own items.


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