Hell gates: Boring, low risk, low reward


I wanted to write up a bit of feedback about hell gates, and why in the current version of the game I think they’re pretty crappy.

Lets start off with what Hellgates are supposed to be. They are supposed to be instanced PvP with a mix of PvE. They should be high risk, high reward. You should be able to go out, get a hell gate, and expect to hit some PvP. It’s risky, but the high rewards of the hellgate (good loot, and PvP loot.) should make up for it.

However, currently there is very little to no good loot in hellgates. It’s almost all T3 shards, which cost a ton to make into artifacts. Overall, there is no good reward.

Logically following from lack of reward is lack of people doing them. Which disqualifies the the PvP aspect. You can do 10 hell gates in a row, finding no good PvP. This leads to hell gates being quite boring, and even more decreases the reward, now there is no PvP loot.

Logically following from lack of people, is now lack of risk. You can do a ton of hell gates, with little expectations of dying.

This leads to hellgates being boring, with no real reason to do them. The risk is low, the reward is low, and there is no thrill. They’re basically easy dungeons with no reason to do them.

So how do we fix them?

1- Increase the rewards.
2- Find ways to funnel more people into hell gates, besides higher rewards.

The first point is easy, make the artifacts worth more. Dont force us to pay higher prices to make the scraps into artifacts, and for the love of god please get rid of T3 scraps entirely. They sell for 1 silver each on the market, because they are totally worthless. Either make a way for them to turn into T4 for free, or get rid of them.

As for the T4+ scraps, lets reduce the cost for them to turn into an artifact. Gathering them in dungeon runs is enough, why do i have to pay huge sums to make them useful?

The first point is less so. First off, Hell gates shouldn’t be something you have to look for. Finding a hell gate is half the time of doing a hell gate. Let one pop up in every zone, all the time. This stops me having to look for a hellgate for 15 minutes before having to do one.

If anyone else has some good feedback, I’ll add it to the thread. Hopefully these help improve the current hellgate situation.

TL:DR- Improve loot in hell gates, make them spawn in every zone that has the capacity to have one.


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