Question about launch / post launch

Just a few questions I have about launch / post launch.

1. Are things (gear etc) going to be getting buffed / nerfed all the time like in the beta? Is this game pretty much going to be league of legends with new gear, op items being released, nerfs on older items etc all the time? The reason I ask is because as a guy who works 12 hours a day I don’t want to, for example, specialize my main character as a dagger user only to find out that after I reach T6 that my gear is being nerfed and I become completely useless and have to grind up an entire other skill tree in order to use a weapon or piece of armor that actually works. That is a huge concern that I have. I understand that “you are what you wear” but I think any player who has played longer than 24 hours knows that if you do not specialize then you are pretty much useless in any serious situations. I fully understand that in any game there are “meta builds” and all that but I think there is a very fine line here between an MMO and a MOBA that needs to be addressed properly or the entire house of cards will come crashing down.

2. If the answer to my previous question is “yes” then it begs the question, should there be a way to respec your character? I, for example, would rather pay a little to respec my character that I put days and days, if not weeks, of in-game time into rather than rerolling an entirely new character because something is considered overpowered because people can’t learn how to counter it- such as the claymore currently.

I fully understand that MMO’s are always going to be changing but since this isn’t your run of the mill MMO it’s going to become a second job just to keep up with, or surpass, the meta game if gear and spells are getting changed all the time. I also understand that if something is truly broken, as in a bug or exploit, that it NEEDS to be fixed so I’m not talking about that, I am simply talking about the “standard of the game”.

If anyone has any insight into this I would really like to get some feedback, maybe a dev can address this question. I looked but couldn’t find this question on the forums so if there is a thread with this question answered please link me.

Anyway, on a closing note, I am truly enjoying the game and am looking forward to the final launch and seeing how this game progresses. It is truly ground breaking.

Thanks for your time everyone


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