Why “we don’t even like this game” and some solutions

To start, I am obvious in the alliance “we don’t even like this game” (Red Army, Envy, Warlegend) however it is not far from the truth that many of us don’t even like this game anymore at this point and may not even play at launch. I’d like to share my thoughts on some problems in the game at this point, and some possible solutions. I’m sure others that played last beta will agree.

#1 Harvesting / Crafting is too much of a grind

  • Sure you can get to tier VII or VIII right now as far as being able to use a weapon or armor, but good luck finding someone who can craft it for you. Way too much fame is needed at the moment in the higher levels of harvesting and crafting. As for the resources, currently finding high tier resources especially enchanted with the current respawn rates is absurd. This leads to a plateau of people mostly in the same tiers. It’s a boring game when everyone pretty much is going to be wearing variations of the same tiers.
  • I encountered an interesting “bug” the other day. Someone in my guild called out a 5.3 fiber but for me it wasn’t blue or 5.3 it was just 5.0 even when I harvested it. He came over to the node when I couldn’t find it after his ping and said it was .3 or rare to him and he would have been able to harvest it at .3 if he could but it was regular to me. Usually this isn’t the case and I would see it as 5.3 and blue as he did. However, I think this may be somewhat of a solution in disguise.
  • Since this obviously took place as a “bug” I think It can be coded in the game relatively easily. Make it so each account sees resources differently. So maybe like 1-in-65 chance to see uncommon, 1-in-365 chance to see rare, 1 – in- 950 chance to be purple . etc… Whatever the #’s would be they could adjust the odds as needed. This would also avoid over saturation of farming for .2+ resources, because likely that .3 you find was standard tier to someone else, so it gives everyone a fair chance at harvesting rare resources based on their time spent and not when someone else had already been there. It also eliminates calling out resources in guild or alliance chat. This would allow for a much more controlled and predictable amount of resources into the game at a more stable rate.

Albion Online

#2 Red zones / Black zones?

  • It used to be badass to own a territory in a black zone. Now the red zone really isn’t different than black zone, especially in terms of resource harvesting, and owning a territory in the black zone doesn’t mean much. This needs to be addressed.

#3 The game world is too big and is going to get even larger with added biomes

  • They are expecting a much larger turnout/ amount of active players than there actually will be at this point. The world is too big for the amount of actual /active players, and while the solo gatherer may like sparseness, organized groups looking for some pvp action will not. The game already feels way too sparse. I think they should make the world at least 30% smaller than it is right now INCLUDING the biomes that will be added, so obviously some existing maps must be deleted. I roamed the black zone for several hours the other night (not on the island we control) looking for random pvp and I didn’t see a single person. It felt like a dead game. This game once was and should be centered around PVP and there needs to be more risk to the reward. Making the world map larger than it is already is not the answer.

These are my top 3 concerns at the moment and I’m sure many pvp minded people will agree. Feel free to add to the list.


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