Beta Issues?

So if I can have a quick second and talk about a few things that have really bothered me this beta that did not exist in past test periods.

1. Why take a territory?

Territories used to be the only way to real endgame content a.k.a 6 and up armor. People like myself pushed ourselves very hard to work towards this and got rolled by guilds twice our size and three times more experienced in the game at the time.

Now you can live in a green zone city with a guild island and upgrade it to T8 crafting stations and hide from PvP altogether other then when you are gathering. Which is altogether negated by the fact that you have escapes like flee and high tier mounts you can’t hear nor catch.

I constantly see people complaining about the PvP being non-existent and in all honesty it still exist it is just in very low quantities or you are forced to fight the same groups over and over again.

Now you may say well its for the resource return but, I think we all know that isn’t worth the risk of losing it. I mean honestly is it worth 45% resource return if I am correct on that to have the risk of losing your work for weeks in a weeks time? When you could be doing it safely in a Green Red or Black zone city.

Why can I say this well I am McCloud currently in guild PSYCHO formally the Warmaster of BlackWater and honestly I feel I should appologize to BlackWater for leading them into the black zone. Why may you ask what did we get as a new semi-casual guild well let me list it.

We got out-geared by organized guilds.
We got out zerged by massive guilds with 3-4 parties to their name which is another thing that should be changed.
We were camped by guilds who obviously knew the meta before the rest of the game did because whether all of you have realized there was the wave of claymores at the very beginning and the second wave that followed in the lower zones.
All for resource return which I believed at the beginning of this HARDCORE game would take us to end game.

Now the solution in my opinion is easy re-cap green and red zone cities at T5 maybe even black. Then change resource spawn rates to T6 and up in the black zone to be more abundant enchant and unenchanted still having super low ratios. Then push redzone resources to cap at T5 and below but, make the spawning of enchanted T5.3 and 5.4 back to being hard to get.

More simplified. People in the black wouldn’t have to grind as hard because they are always at risk however those who want the super sets 6 7 and 8 point whatever sets you can grind your ass off for them. People in Green/Yellow/Red Zones can get endgame content gear but, have to risk a lot more to be in it(So where as a blackzone dude can wear 8 flat and get it easily a dude in greenzones must wear 5.4 to equal him but, its super expensive and super rare). Making 6, 7 and 8 point 2, 3 and 4 super rare and super expensive sets (Almost GODTIER sets).

Image result for albion online
2. Limiting the giant groups.

Why do they refuse to fix the zerg problem. So one of the major issues I have ran into in all of my test is that in the deep zones you run into two things either a player playing the flavor of the month who is unstoppable 1v1 or a zerg. Now with living next to EoS I think I can speak very wisely of this that zergs need limited. The triple party groups and double party groups ruin all game mechanics and make it a don’t over-extend/have more people war.

Now how to fix the problem

Solution A. Hard-Capping at 20 people. Once a group has 20 the party fills anyone not in a party will be able to hit one another. This will also fix the desire for players being able to practice 5v5’s on eachother. No kill fame for your own guild mates so no boosting but that is a easy fix.

Solution B. Calculate the amount of damage of a number of players to 20 at all times. This means if you have 10 people in your party and your enemy has 40 your enemies damage would be cut in half and your damage would be doubled heals and defensive buffs receive the same treatment making outnumbered fights possible and meaning that big groups still have a advantage in utility skills without the need to leave people out or make massive groups.

3. More PvP in General
This is trickier but, still possible first of all along with what I said in point one about zone changes and resource changes. Please reduce the amount of BlackZones/Guild Territories.
These used to be for the elite and should go back to being this way.

Secondly make relic lockers on a 1 hour cooldown. 1 this will allow more relic items into the game which at the moment are hard to justify using unless you are part of a guild with massive slave grinders or a no life like me.

Third re-introduce good incentives for yellowzone PvP. Basically re-add the 20% of silver pouch drop on down. This made yellow-zones actually dangerous and fun.

Give castles more incentive and/or make them less abundant/make bigger ones with better rewards/more competition

Lastly along with the other steps re-introduce zerg clusters on the mini-map in black zones. If you are in a blackzone after these changes were added you should be up there with the A Grade teams and shouldn’t need to hide.

4. Post that also should be looked at and should be added.

Please at-least take a gander even if you do not read the whole thing I just really liked this game first two test and will still play it at launch for sure but, if it keeps taking this soft core approach I don’t even know.

Lastly these are my opinions if you dis-agree feel free to say so and give me your opinion and your solution to the problem or what you have a problem with.


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