Albion Online: too little skillshots

From a PvPer’s perspective I’m currently dissatisfied with the mechanics of the majority of abilities in this game, and find that there is little room for outplaying in many situations.

First point to mention would be the mechanics of claymore Albion Online Gold. This ability is targeted and the damage from this gap closer is applied instantly along with the attached CC effect. Due to these types of mechanics it makes it impossible to react with any type of damage mitigation before you are CCed eg either from stone skin or soldier boots.

I have a few suggestions to change this. First of all would be making this ability a skillshot instead of targeted. Another point would be to slightly decrease the travel time of the E and make it so that damage + CC is only applied upon reaching the target. This 2nd point would ideally allow for damage mitigation and peeling to be possible before claymore E applies damage and CC.

The same can be said for different abilities such as polehammer AoE stun being instantaneous on the CC effects, and the line skillshot being fully extended at the start instead of traveling. Glaive fling is another culprit of these targeted CCs which are solely based upon range.

A side note to this is that I believe the warbow stun is currently a great example in terms of a strong ability which still has room to be outplayed (dodged, damage mitigated etc).

Another point that makes me believe the combat balance isn’t currently at where it’s intended is the state of dodge on assassin shoes. This ability plays a roll animation whilst simultaneously applying ~1second of invincibility frames negating all damage and CC. The problem in its usage is that there are too few abilities functioning like the warbow stun. Currently dodge has to be used in anticipation instead of reaction if you want to avoid a lot of the strong CCs aforementioned, and at that point a dodge isn’t really functioning as a dodge, and I’d rather take soldier boots in the current state of things despite having a preference towards dodge albion online gold shop; simply because I think dodge has little scope to be used effectively.

To summarize I believe that the combat in this game is currently too deterministic, leaving little wiggle-room for outplay mechanics, and I believe this will also trickle into other aspects of PvP such as encouraging certain team compositions in order to min-max effectiveness as the combat is too reliable, which would also discourage people from playing objectively “weaker” classes, which is an issue in a game such as this where a lot of time is invested to become proficient in 1 build.