Tone down ESO the damage Veteran mobs and bosses do

After a respec you can get back to exactly where you were before. Anything including morphs if leveled to IV will be at level IV. The only time you have to relevel is a skill you never had before or a morph you never had before. You can still instantly morph the skill if you had the other morph, just the new morph starts at I.

They are wildly inconsistent. Some mobs are face roll easy and some are boss mode hard. Also depends on the make up of the mob. The ones with 2 melee swinging 2H swords coupled with a healer or nuking to Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold Sorc behind an ice shield are the toughest imo. Perhaps you were just in a batch of the easier variety.

Mods hit hard in this game (veteran zone, bosses). Best way to stay alive is stay far away, ranged is far superior. (always is but even more so in this game) Staves help ranged builds. Also AOEs which are important. The bonus you get from armor is not that significant because of how hard mobs hit, it’s a kite fest game and CC game. Better to avoid damage by keeping away or CC then trying to stand toe to toe and absorb and heal.

Tone down the damage Veteran mobs and bosses do, give them more health if you want. In order to make melee more viable you can up the damage melee does (which it needs big time and don’t bother with 10% on flurries last strike or something similar that’s not worth the code time that’s does nothing,

I mean it really needs to be upped to make up for the risk) Have Mobs hit for less and/or amour absorb more damage. This will lessen the risk of and make it more viable to run up and attack toe to toe. Med and Heavy armor need Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold a boost in migrating damage. I am not talking like 5 percent. I mean changed a significant amount

Ranged will always be better, because you can’t factor in the time it takes to move and run up and position and avoid damage when ranged you just point and click. But the gap needs to be closed a bit.

Is it me,or does it drive anyone else nutz that when you are in a dungeon with a group,and finally you hit the end chamber,and “poof!”,…none of the others are allowed in. You’re all alone,and the boss is waaay too much for you to kill? I have several for the main storyline that are like that.No matter how I try,or wait till I am a higher level,I just cant get past those insane bosses.I’m at level 35,and stalled.Please tell me it gets to you guys too.