Trove : the end game Patron is almost a necessity

So as many of us already know Patron passes have been going up in price exponentially. I just checked again and as of now they’re almost at 500k. That’s kinda ridiculous with the fact that end game Patron is almost a necessity. If memory serves Devs monitor some prices in the Market and artificially lower them by adding them into the Chaos Chest rotation. Why haven’t they done that yet here? They’ve been rising since all the bonuses started that Patron could take advantage of buy trove items and once people could take advantage of it they did. It’s possible someone is flipping the market I really don’t know but it’s starting to get out of hand.

I have no issue supporting the game. It’s just that it’s a lot higher than normal and one of the things about trove is that you don’t have to spend any money. That being said it should still be valuable but 500k is a bit much with how much other things for the same irl currency is. It should be more but not THAT much.

I’m not really keen on that statement. Personally I can’t justify or want to continue paying a monthly fee for a game when there’s so much else I can get. There’s nothing wrong with supporting the game in other ways apart from patron, especially when things like inventory space is both needed and expensive.but ,you can get it through Buy Trove Flux, Not everyone can justify spending a grand on a game that can’t manage to be stable which is easily what you’d do if you bought every thing you wanted. Plus by buying patron itself, that’s also supporting the fact that they’ve been the game too reliant on patron.

Albion Online Stakes Out A New Land Auction System

To prevent a constant blockade of building plots and also to give players joining Albion Online later a fair chance at owning a desirable building space, Sandbox Interactive has introduced a new system – the land auction system and changed how land is acquired and kept in the world of Albion Online. Players now can purchase any plot – as long as they are able to outbid the previous owner.


Land Acquisition

Building plots in cities start as “unclaimed” and can be purchased for a certain silver fee. The plot will then be considered “owned”. The owner then can erect crafting stations and houses on the plot.

Compared to the summer alpha, player will not have to pay upkeep on your owned plots anymore. Instead, all owned plots, come up for auction in fixed intervals.

Auction System

One week before the end of any lease interval, the bidding on the plots will start. The auction will utilize a maximum bid system: you enter the maximum amount of silver you would be willing to invest for a plot. If somebody else also wants to acquire the plot, your own bid is adjusted up until your maximum bid. If you are the current owner of the plot, your bids count double.


Naturally, you can always increase your maximum bid – given you have the silver available. This bidding period will last for six days. On the seventh day, only the current owner of the plot is able to increase his bid to prevent him from being „sniped“ at the last second.


Albion Online’s winter alpha event is over, but the dev team is utilizing the information gleaned from it to prepare for the next one coming in summer. In his latest development update, Founder and CEO Stefan Wiezorek outlines various changes in crafting, the economy, and combat that players can look forward to.


Economy-wise, mobs will drop fewer or no finished items, silver will be earned from PvP kills, guilds will have market places, and silver requirements will be removed for farming, planting, and crafting. Additionally, players will be able to trade gold and silver via a special market system instead of relying on global chat. The value of crafting is getting a bump with the introduction of crafting endurance, which will limit the supply of special or higher-tier items. And in the realm of combat, random Hell Gates will spawn demons that open a portal to a dungeon if defeated and special chests will spawn in PvP lands as an incentive to lure players there.

There’s also a new PvE faction system incoming, and devs are implementing a mechanism to combat pay-to-win. More details on all these systems and more can be found in the update notes.



Albion Online‘s development team isn’t just sitting back and basking in the afterglow of a successful summer alpha test. There’s a closed beta on the way, and the developers have posted a roadmap of the process from here to the beta test. Lots of new features need to be rolled out, lots of systems need adjusting, and lots of gameplay will be expanded and improved.

The gear curve has been noted as being far too harsh, while the combat system needs significant polish and rework to make every intended portion of the game’s systems function properly. Learning points and GvG will also be receiving extensive overhauls to make the systems feel more natural and rewarding. It means that the game which players will be trying in closed beta will be quite different from the summer test, but it also means a far better game in the long run. Offers Real POE ORBS With Fast Delivery Option

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Albion Online Game Director Robin Henkys and Creative Director Jörg Friedrich have posted their first dev vlog. In it, they give an overview of what’s coming in the Cador update, including a death mechanics overhaul. The devs also took a moment to explain their population goals during the testing process, telling forumgoers that the test population is “very stable” in recent weeks and “more than sufficient.”

“On top of that, population numbers are not a focus for us right now. We are not doing any marketing or sales at the moment, as we want to reserve that for when we believe the game is where it should be. That’s why we are also very comfortable with some people taking a break from the game right now – in particular, with the future wipe looming in the air. You can expect our next traffic and player re-activation push to be around the time of the next wipe, which is still some time off. This will already feature the first version of our new game world, and of course tons and tons of new features, content and improvements.”

Check out the vlog below.



Albion Online is merging the concept of an old-school open world dungeon with its hellgate mechanic to make adventure spaces that feel fresh and challenging.

These gateway dungeons, as they’re being called, have multiple entry points and several “pockets” containing veteran mobs and gatekeepers. Gatekeepers, when killed, will open up a portal to a special instance for you and your four buddies, in which you’ll find even tougher bosses and better loot. Of course, you may never come out again to tell the tale, but that’s the risk you take, eh?

Albion is also in the process of reworking its death mechanic — or to be more accurate, its knockdown mechanic. With this new process, when a player runs out of hit points, he or she will get knocked down and have to wait until one of three things happens: fellow players cast a resurrect, an enemy comes in for the kill, or enough hit points slowly regenerate to allow a return to the action.

Albion Online: the new Timezone changes

If you re saying that a guild, that has 50 active members will have an advantage over a small scale guild with 10-15 members online in the evening..then thats how its suposed to be!. You cannot simply make the Devs ignore that numbers actually matter. Ofc the larger guild will be able to gather more recources and hold more territories. and you can through Cheap Albion Online Gold to get them,As a leader of a small guild (our goal will be to reach 12-15 active members per evening) I really cannot stand the hate towards the larger guilds.

Numbers do matter, full stop. If one wants to be part of a greater community then form an alliance or join a mega guild. I dont like this attitude… The people we are going to recruit will also prefer smaller guilds but noone will be so ignorant to ask for the same advanatges a large guild has. There simply has to be a difference weather u have 50 mates online, or 5. If a certain cluster is too crowded with large zerging alliances, then the option is to travel 4-5 zones apart from the central hub and make a living there. The smaller guilds will not possess the best reccource/rad spots of course. Why is that such a big issue? Of course in the end a 15 player minizerg should be able to beat a 25 player zerg IF they are playing well. I m hoping for more optimized anti zerg mechanics but ruining the gaming experience for some people just because they are in a larger guild than you/me…. What the heck… This just sounds ignorant towards everyone. “… if I cant have it, then noone shall have…”. Its really this sickenign crab mentality

I am also worried about the resource distribution in regards to forest having less than highlands and very other abnormalities with the maps. Personally I feel we should have a mixture of Timezone limitations but allow guilds to specify the slot in which they can be attacked. For example each territory has a game set 6 hour window then when a guild claims said territory that have a movable 3 hour window that they can set which is were GvG’s can be initiated from this allows some degree of guild control allowin them greater choice over when they are with the albion online gold market. However in a realistic world you never have a situation were you can only be attacked during a said Timezone, but alas this is just a game.

I am interested to see how siege camps are gonna work with this new Timezone changes considering we have such different time zones between a 4 map cluster.

Just some thoughts gonna go over it today and compile a list of questions for the devs.

One last thing I feel the amount of siege camps is alittle too small and doesn’t allow guilds much ability to get a plot further away from these time zones. Could we consider putting siege camps inside cities that can only attack out as it appears they have no direct attack to a home territory.

The top right region offers the highest rewards in terms of resources, PvP objectives and PvE content, and we expect it to be the most competitive and most densely populated. The bottom left region is at the lowest end. Since it offers lower rewards, we expect that area to be more peaceful, less competitive and also less densely populated. By deciding where they want to settle, guilds can pick their own level of difficulty. For the lower end zones, we will try out our soft gear cap mechanics that we successfully used in Beta 1.

Veteran was Elder Scrolls Online just a quick patch for the lack of endgame

On Euro server, iam now on Aldmeri parts and I noticed a huge decrease in players being online. It’s getting harder and harder to find groups for world bosses, delves, dolmens and public dungeons. To the point where I give up trying to make a group. Just another thing they didnt think off when making Veteran, because you miss out on TONS Of xp that you NEED to level up.

Veteran was just a quick patch for the lack of endgame, and they knew it, and now they are paying the price with memberships falling quicker then leaves of a tree on a cold autumn day.

I am not so sure it is just Veteran zones. Last night my level 40 character came across an anchor and he had to wait a good 15 minutes before help came along to destroy it. Even in the ‘public’ dungeons ESO Gold there were not people falling all over each other to get at the mobs and boss.

Out of some perverted reason, I actually find myself enjoying the VR zones – but find them rather empty, too. And while I’m sure there’s more people with this particular taste of doing it the long and hard way, I suppose it takes a little organisation to bring us all together.

I quit playing my VR3 alt. If I didn’t already have a VR12 I would not playing anymore. When they upped the difficulty of veteran NPC’s in 1.1.2, leveling became more of a chore than something that is fun. I enjoyed veteran content on my VR12. It was challenging, but doable and it’s disappointing that ZoS has made veteran leveling even worse than it was before.

I’ve defeated the daedric lord Molag Bal. I’ve saved the world of Nirn. Yet, I can barely defeat three random skeletons.

Tried to take a small break from pvp today and went to kill to few world Bosses I missed during my veteran rank leveling…oh boy what an ordeal. The veteran zones are borderline empty of all life, save for the few levelers doing their solo questing as fast as possible to get the hell out of these ghost towns.
Saw a few people spamming for Dolmens or their own questing needs, but no one seemed keen to help each other out of fear of not getting helped back in return. I whispered a guy who needed help with Elder Scrolls Online Gold his WB, and said I’d offer my help in exchange for his only for him to reply back “yeah no thanks, I know how it goes” or something along these lines. That pretty much filled me in on the state of veteran rank leveling these days. I killed that WB myself after a few painful tries in the end.

I’m mainly a pvper and got playing during early access, so I’ve never come across these issues while I was originally leveling but damn this is pretty bleak for an MMO. I am not saying the veteran zones are dead, but from what I seen recently they are a far cry from a month ago. Makes me feel a bit sad.

I was considering leveling an alt, but this is turning me right off. Wasn’t the megaserver precisely supposed to fix such issues ? 10 odd players in 1 zone for the entirety of the EU ? I refuse to believe this.