The Albion Online low mana cost

The cooldown, even changed to 15s, combined with the low mana cost = every dps on your team is blowing people up the entire fight. The fact you can beam somebody and they get to walk another 10m forward and still be beamed, the fact the arcane user
gets to wear plate and be unkillable all contribute to the FACT, that arcane is MANDATORY on any 5 man team who wish to be competetive.

Here is why your current changes will not do nearly enough to change the above. You have done the following;

…A.) lowered the beam power slightly…….so……sniper bow will do 70%-85% of somebodys health bar in one shot instead of 75-90% of somebodys health bar in one shot. The duel swords will take off 55-65% of multiple peoples health bars in one shot instead of 60-70%. etc etc

…B.) the “wombo combo” is now delayed for 5 seconds…….meaningless because – right now the first beam combo is “free” because at the start of an engagement the beam combo goes off asap and the second beam combo tends to take longer due to the chaos and unpredictability of a fight. the second beam combo isnt coming the exact time power beam is ready, its AO Silver. Extending the cooldown to 15 seconds isn’t going to change anything because AT WORST, the arcane team just needs to dance around 5 more seconds and then the same OP nonesense is going to commence.
The following are two suggestions made, and I hope more people will chime in with further suggestions, that need to get looked into.

1. Sorry if I butcher this, but somebody proposed that the power beam could build up stacks… the heavy smash cant get a beam at the last possible second and recieve full power, the snipe shot cant get a beam at the last possible second and recieve full power……but the power beam should be 50% power at first and build up the longer the beam is channled.

2. THIS REALLY NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED, sorry for caps, but the fact that every single arcane staff in safe albion online silver. All spells on the arcane staff need to scale with armor type worn. If power beam was 137% when wearing cloth, 100% when wearing leather and 70 % when wearing plate, if the enegmatic was the same, if all spells on arcane scaled this way, it would DRASTICALLY reduce the problems of the arcane staff.


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