Veteran was Elder Scrolls Online just a quick patch for the lack of endgame

On Euro server, iam now on Aldmeri parts and I noticed a huge decrease in players being online. It’s getting harder and harder to find groups for world bosses, delves, dolmens and public dungeons. To the point where I give up trying to make a group. Just another thing they didnt think off when making Veteran, because you miss out on TONS Of xp that you NEED to level up.

Veteran was just a quick patch for the lack of endgame, and they knew it, and now they are paying the price with memberships falling quicker then leaves of a tree on a cold autumn day.

I am not so sure it is just Veteran zones. Last night my level 40 character came across an anchor and he had to wait a good 15 minutes before help came along to destroy it. Even in the ‘public’ dungeons ESO Gold there were not people falling all over each other to get at the mobs and boss.

Out of some perverted reason, I actually find myself enjoying the VR zones – but find them rather empty, too. And while I’m sure there’s more people with this particular taste of doing it the long and hard way, I suppose it takes a little organisation to bring us all together.

I quit playing my VR3 alt. If I didn’t already have a VR12 I would not playing anymore. When they upped the difficulty of veteran NPC’s in 1.1.2, leveling became more of a chore than something that is fun. I enjoyed veteran content on my VR12. It was challenging, but doable and it’s disappointing that ZoS has made veteran leveling even worse than it was before.

I’ve defeated the daedric lord Molag Bal. I’ve saved the world of Nirn. Yet, I can barely defeat three random skeletons.

Tried to take a small break from pvp today and went to kill to few world Bosses I missed during my veteran rank leveling…oh boy what an ordeal. The veteran zones are borderline empty of all life, save for the few levelers doing their solo questing as fast as possible to get the hell out of these ghost towns.
Saw a few people spamming for Dolmens or their own questing needs, but no one seemed keen to help each other out of fear of not getting helped back in return. I whispered a guy who needed help with Elder Scrolls Online Gold his WB, and said I’d offer my help in exchange for his only for him to reply back “yeah no thanks, I know how it goes” or something along these lines. That pretty much filled me in on the state of veteran rank leveling these days. I killed that WB myself after a few painful tries in the end.

I’m mainly a pvper and got playing during early access, so I’ve never come across these issues while I was originally leveling but damn this is pretty bleak for an MMO. I am not saying the veteran zones are dead, but from what I seen recently they are a far cry from a month ago. Makes me feel a bit sad.

I was considering leveling an alt, but this is turning me right off. Wasn’t the megaserver precisely supposed to fix such issues ? 10 odd players in 1 zone for the entirety of the EU ? I refuse to believe this.


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