Albion Online: the new Timezone changes

If you re saying that a guild, that has 50 active members will have an advantage over a small scale guild with 10-15 members online in the evening..then thats how its suposed to be!. You cannot simply make the Devs ignore that numbers actually matter. Ofc the larger guild will be able to gather more recources and hold more territories. and you can through Cheap Albion Online Gold to get them,As a leader of a small guild (our goal will be to reach 12-15 active members per evening) I really cannot stand the hate towards the larger guilds.

Numbers do matter, full stop. If one wants to be part of a greater community then form an alliance or join a mega guild. I dont like this attitude… The people we are going to recruit will also prefer smaller guilds but noone will be so ignorant to ask for the same advanatges a large guild has. There simply has to be a difference weather u have 50 mates online, or 5. If a certain cluster is too crowded with large zerging alliances, then the option is to travel 4-5 zones apart from the central hub and make a living there. The smaller guilds will not possess the best reccource/rad spots of course. Why is that such a big issue? Of course in the end a 15 player minizerg should be able to beat a 25 player zerg IF they are playing well. I m hoping for more optimized anti zerg mechanics but ruining the gaming experience for some people just because they are in a larger guild than you/me…. What the heck… This just sounds ignorant towards everyone. “… if I cant have it, then noone shall have…”. Its really this sickenign crab mentality

I am also worried about the resource distribution in regards to forest having less than highlands and very other abnormalities with the maps. Personally I feel we should have a mixture of Timezone limitations but allow guilds to specify the slot in which they can be attacked. For example each territory has a game set 6 hour window then when a guild claims said territory that have a movable 3 hour window that they can set which is were GvG’s can be initiated from this allows some degree of guild control allowin them greater choice over when they are with the albion online gold market. However in a realistic world you never have a situation were you can only be attacked during a said Timezone, but alas this is just a game.

I am interested to see how siege camps are gonna work with this new Timezone changes considering we have such different time zones between a 4 map cluster.

Just some thoughts gonna go over it today and compile a list of questions for the devs.

One last thing I feel the amount of siege camps is alittle too small and doesn’t allow guilds much ability to get a plot further away from these time zones. Could we consider putting siege camps inside cities that can only attack out as it appears they have no direct attack to a home territory.

The top right region offers the highest rewards in terms of resources, PvP objectives and PvE content, and we expect it to be the most competitive and most densely populated. The bottom left region is at the lowest end. Since it offers lower rewards, we expect that area to be more peaceful, less competitive and also less densely populated. By deciding where they want to settle, guilds can pick their own level of difficulty. For the lower end zones, we will try out our soft gear cap mechanics that we successfully used in Beta 1.


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