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Albion Online, also known as AO, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for Microsoft Windows personal computers, developed and published by Square Enix in 2010. It is the fourteenth entry in the main Final Fantasy series and the second MMORPG in the series after Albion Online. Set in the fantasy realm of Eorzea, players take control of a customized avatar as they explore the land and are caught up in both an invasion by the hostile Garlean Empire and the threat of the Primals, the deities of the land’s Beastmen tribes. Eventually, they are embroiled in a plot by a Garlean Legatus to destroy the Primals by bringing one of the planet’s moons down on Eorzea. Prepares The Product For Albion Online Gold

Albion Online (AO) is a medieval fantasy MMORPG being developed by Sandbox Interactive, a studio based in Berlin, Germany. Players can currently purchase “Founder’s Packs” which grant access to the closed beta play-tests which have been run intermittently by Sandbox Interactive. Due to several factors, the development was beset by problems that would later have drastic effects on the game. Attempts to bring the game to Xbox 360 consoles fell through due to disagreements with Microsoft about the use of Xbox Live.

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Trove: could have randomly generated villages in different biome

Unless you sorted them out based on PR. That’s literally how I thought it was going to be when I first heard about PVP. I thought it was 1V1 deathmatch and you got someone of equal strength to you. And then I was disappointed.

I did think of something like an open PvP world, fixated maps (There will only be one single world, no other new worlds will be generated), factions/guilds etc. with dungeons. Then again, there are lots of complications about this and if Trion was to work on this, based on my calculations it would probably take more than one year.

Comparing it to minecraft we could have randomly generated villages in different biome that sell resources or even buy them for Trove Flux. We could also have different structures like a pyramid which us randomly generated so we don’t just get free loot.

Anyone remember the biome mixing mishaps they fixed? It would be great for adding them back, those were fun. As for story related stuff, its really hard to implument that on a eng based map, especially if you wanna make towns be a thing. We CAN use peaceful hills as town area, but i see a big problem in the questline, unless its handled like the golden thread, but going only as far as normal DOTM in difficulty.

i don’t like the idea of comparing trove to/making trove more similar to minecraft. they’re different games with different features and goals. more lore and quests would be GREAT, but sticking it all in minecraft-style villages?

maybe a few questgivers in the hub could be nice, as well as quest-starter items found in adventure worlds. the items could be found via a trail of clues to keep it from just being more grinding & rng. i’d love if there were quests to Buy Trove Flux and explore ruins that visually tell the history of trove, or like, to find and assemble bits of relics that hold a story. basically i wanna do archaeology quests, hehe. there could even be a few easter eggs like excavating robot parts in permafrost.

oh yeah & adventure worlds as a globe instead of ending in seas of regret would be suuuper nice. i hate having to stop and turn around, especially in drowned worlds where you have to travel farther to get to each dungeon & as a result run into regretful waters way faster than in prime.

Trove: it’s always been casual friendly

For the love of god, please increase the sucess rate for leveling up gems. I tried leveling up a lvl 11 gem 10x WITH BOOSTER (horseshoe) and got 10 fails, god knows that if I hadnt use the booster it would have cracked 2/3 times. How can the rate be this low for a lvl 11 gem? I can just imagine the pain of getting it to lvl 25 when you need 1000 dust+ for 1 lvl up, 10 fails =10000 dust = 5 days of farming just lost = people quitting this game.

Before the MoP patch, I have tons of fun playing Trove because of the freedoms that it offers, when I am bored of killing stuffs, I can go flying around mining ores, looking for sky giants, fishing on top of a volcano, planting steed feed and rich fertilizers all over my club, basically I can to buy trove items and do anything I want, and still be able to progress by upgrading gears with the profit I made.

I am definitely in the same boat as you, OP. I am fortunate enough to get to be a stay-at-home mom. Trove has been my go-to game for some time now. I got my hands on it back during closed Beta and have loved every minute of it. I’m not stranger to grinds and taking changes with a grain of salt. This gem system had me so excited, I convinced my husband we were wasting our time on other games when MoP came out, and got him back to being a full-time Trovian.

Now, my favorite thing about Trove is that it’s always been casual friendly in a sense that I can do whatever I want when I want. The update has me grinding out boxes between loads of laundry and chasing around my youngest. It’s been great, until this week. It sort of hit me like a truck. My main is Draco, and that’s the contest this week. I thought I was doing pretty well, then I noticed how quickly I was falling behind. I wanted to remain top 25, so I thought I’d push a little more.

Everyday, I’ve made sure to farm around 700 boxes of one type. My goal: To get a good radiant gem in all my spots. Thus far, I’ve been stuck at water. Hours of farming and I can hardly level up my class gem. It’s been stuck on 16 for days. All of the radiant gems I’ve gotten from boxes have had PD on them. No joke. Today, I decided to switch it up and go to fire. Maybe I needed to give water a rest through the Trove Flux for sale. My first chunk of boxes… dust, dust, awesome radiant gem with PD, dust, gem with HR and H% and CD. I can use that, but it’s taking a hit on my damage pretty hard.

Sorry for the long post, but I just can’t seem to stomach it anymore. I shut my game down and told myself I might as well forget getting back in the top 25. Okay, I can live with that. But I’ve burnt myself out on the grind and now the idea of farming is nauseating. Grinds are great, if you know you can reach a goal. When the grind is so thick with RNG, it loses it’s appeal when you’ve failed for the 20th time.

Trove: to the net-heavy balance on the class’ power

More feedback after spending a day grinding on it. The dino summons die waaay too easily. I summoned 3, and they were all killed by 1 trash mob in u9. They also don’t deal much DPS. They’re barely worth tossing out.

I would recommend making them tankier, and removing the despawn timer. Allow them to stay up until they die. For a class called Dino Tamer, I barely get to see my dinos. I’d also make it so that their attack speed scales with the class, so that they can actually deal some DPS.

Another issue I’ve found with the Tamer, due mostly to the net-heavy balance on the class’ power, is it’s extreme power in PvP. The net is capable of heavy damage, meaning that even touching the net leads to extreme damage, and if the Dino Tamer is firing on a target it usually leads to a kill. The passive and Dino Buddies are pretty worthless in PvP, being largely ignored compared to the deadly net. The net’s power is further compounded when the Tamer uses his ultimate, which more than doubles it’s damage, leading to buy trove items with the net being a near instant kill for many classes, especially when combined with the increased power on normal shots. On top of this, the Dino Mount makes the Tamer the fastest character in the game, which can also carry the flag, meaning a Tamer can ult, grab the flag, and run off at double the speed of any other class, while still able to attack and fire his lethal nets. Rebalancing the class around his Dino Buddy summons as I posted earlier would likely help most of these problems, but stopping a mounted Dino Tamer from grabbing the flag wouldn’t hurt.

I think the balance is pretty good fro Dino tamer, I have gunslinger level 26 7k PR. Swapping my gear over to my 25 Dino Tamer giving 6.8kPR. I would say that my Dino Tamer does slightly more single target damage (Could argue that there is a bit of spread… as im talking net) and can potentially outdamage my gunslinger but takes a bit of skill, has to be close range (compared to gunslinger) and aim my right click well.

My gunslinger damage is generally more consistent, I just hold down fire and tap ulti every now and then, i can sit halfway across the room and have a great escape (1) to avoid damage.

Gunslinger VS Dino tamer?? IMO the dino tamer has potential to do higher damage but is trickier to Buy Trove Flux, Gunslinger has more consistent damage with minimal skill/tactics required.

I would say for this reason its fairly balanced, If the dino tamer did less damage than what it does… it wouldn’t be worth the extra hassle/close combat and skill required to play… you might as well just play gunslinger.

I would also add that regardless of damage/balance ect, im having alot of fun playing the class. Its quite an interesting one. Though I was shocked to find that Dino tamer uses a gun?. A gun is futuristic? I would of expected him to use a spear or bow or something prehistoric.

GDC 2016: Take a Look at The Tablet Version of Albion Online

Albion Online is in a closed beta right now. In GDC 2016, the developer offered a brief look at how the touch interface of Albion Online is going to work. No kidding, it’s exactly like how it works on a PC with a mouse. One major correction from this video though, Albion Online is going to be universal. The experience likely won’t be as great on the iPhone, but you will be able to play it on any device.

The followings are another three videos of what high-level Albion Online play looks like:

Open World PvP

Sandbox MMO Albion Online Now is on Steam

Berlin-based studio Sandbox Interactive will be publishing their sandbox MMO Albion Online on Steam. A campaign to have the game Greenlit on Valve’s game distribution platform has been successfully completed.


In an effort to facilitate even easier access to their free-to-play title, Albion Online’s developers had put their MMO up to the test of public opinion on Steam Greenlight. Steam users could then vote on whether or not they’d like to see Albion Online accessible on Steam in the future. And that they did, in their droves; within a matter of days, the community had shown more than enough enthusiasm for Steam to give Albion Online the go-ahead.

“Publishing on Steam gives us another way of allowing players to jump into the world of Albion Online,” said Stefan Wiezorek, founder and CEO of developer Sandbox Interactive. “The social and community-focused functionality of Steam really speaks to the importance we place on player interactions in Albion Online.” Players who don’t use Steam need not worry; they’ll be able to access the many client versions of the cross-platform MMO through the official website as before.

Albion Online is currently in a closed-alpha and will be released for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS and Android tablets. Players interested in testing can secure their access by purchasing a founder’s pack. All information about those packs can be found here.

Trove: Gear power is negligible

P2Progress.. cubits get you what? A couple mounts and some styles? Thats <sarcasm> AMAZING </sarcasm> progress! Karma points are just fluff rewards, what rewards from boxes grant you power in the game? I love my unicorn mount, but it only makes me powerful in your eyes, not to the mobs. Gear power is negligible beyond a certain point. Honestly, unless you are trying to Buy Trove Flux be top 10 fastest ultra DOTM times, then gear beyond s5/radiant really isn’t that big a deal. People just wish to find issues to.. something. I would say to make themselves feel better, but I don’t believe it helps anyone feel better. It is not the game that makes people bitter about things, it is their mindset about what they are doing.

You seem to have also missed the fact that Cubits also get booster boxes as well as Re-Gemerators which are a necessity for upgrading and swapping gems. A non-patron player gets 500 cubits as well as a karma gem at 70 boxes while a patron gets 1500 cubits and a karma gem at 35 boxes. You mention that games are not work but a non-patron certainly works for the same gems that Patron get. The fact is that they get 33% the boosters and 50% the rare gems which certainly slows them down. Doing multiple times the amount of playing to get to the same point as others is work, simple as that.

Necessity. No they are not necessary. They are very nice, but I personally have not ever used one or needed one. Everything being pointed out is a time saver, not a progression blocker. If you wish to buy trove items cut to the front of the line, then pay for cutting to the front. Otherwise, you know, sit in line for free and wait. None of these are required as you try to make them appear.

My guess, there is something peculiar going on with the Flux “generation” ingame, and the higher market prices across the board are just the symptoms.Maybe the Devs could take a closer look, and then come up with a plan…