Trove: Gear power is negligible

P2Progress.. cubits get you what? A couple mounts and some styles? Thats <sarcasm> AMAZING </sarcasm> progress! Karma points are just fluff rewards, what rewards from boxes grant you power in the game? I love my unicorn mount, but it only makes me powerful in your eyes, not to the mobs. Gear power is negligible beyond a certain point. Honestly, unless you are trying to Buy Trove Flux be top 10 fastest ultra DOTM times, then gear beyond s5/radiant really isn’t that big a deal. People just wish to find issues to.. something. I would say to make themselves feel better, but I don’t believe it helps anyone feel better. It is not the game that makes people bitter about things, it is their mindset about what they are doing.

You seem to have also missed the fact that Cubits also get booster boxes as well as Re-Gemerators which are a necessity for upgrading and swapping gems. A non-patron player gets 500 cubits as well as a karma gem at 70 boxes while a patron gets 1500 cubits and a karma gem at 35 boxes. You mention that games are not work but a non-patron certainly works for the same gems that Patron get. The fact is that they get 33% the boosters and 50% the rare gems which certainly slows them down. Doing multiple times the amount of playing to get to the same point as others is work, simple as that.

Necessity. No they are not necessary. They are very nice, but I personally have not ever used one or needed one. Everything being pointed out is a time saver, not a progression blocker. If you wish to buy trove items cut to the front of the line, then pay for cutting to the front. Otherwise, you know, sit in line for free and wait. None of these are required as you try to make them appear.

My guess, there is something peculiar going on with the Flux “generation” ingame, and the higher market prices across the board are just the symptoms.Maybe the Devs could take a closer look, and then come up with a plan…


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