Trove: could have randomly generated villages in different biome

Unless you sorted them out based on PR. That’s literally how I thought it was going to be when I first heard about PVP. I thought it was 1V1 deathmatch and you got someone of equal strength to you. And then I was disappointed.

I did think of something like an open PvP world, fixated maps (There will only be one single world, no other new worlds will be generated), factions/guilds etc. with dungeons. Then again, there are lots of complications about this and if Trion was to work on this, based on my calculations it would probably take more than one year.

Comparing it to minecraft we could have randomly generated villages in different biome that sell resources or even buy them for Trove Flux. We could also have different structures like a pyramid which us randomly generated so we don’t just get free loot.

Anyone remember the biome mixing mishaps they fixed? It would be great for adding them back, those were fun. As for story related stuff, its really hard to implument that on a eng based map, especially if you wanna make towns be a thing. We CAN use peaceful hills as town area, but i see a big problem in the questline, unless its handled like the golden thread, but going only as far as normal DOTM in difficulty.

i don’t like the idea of comparing trove to/making trove more similar to minecraft. they’re different games with different features and goals. more lore and quests would be GREAT, but sticking it all in minecraft-style villages?

maybe a few questgivers in the hub could be nice, as well as quest-starter items found in adventure worlds. the items could be found via a trail of clues to keep it from just being more grinding & rng. i’d love if there were quests to Buy Trove Flux and explore ruins that visually tell the history of trove, or like, to find and assemble bits of relics that hold a story. basically i wanna do archaeology quests, hehe. there could even be a few easter eggs like excavating robot parts in permafrost.

oh yeah & adventure worlds as a globe instead of ending in seas of regret would be suuuper nice. i hate having to stop and turn around, especially in drowned worlds where you have to travel farther to get to each dungeon & as a result run into regretful waters way faster than in prime.


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