POE: some breaches are barren and disappointing

Got any GG drops? Checked out new uniques? And new mob types? How tough are Beach Lords? How is Atlas progression? How are Breaches in Maps? How much rewards you reap form Breaches on averagE?

Just met first unique boss in breach in cruel act2 (guess it was xoph? Like 50 other mobs around so it was hard to say). Also first named chests a bit before. Some 100 splinters and around 10-15 breach rings so far. Also those rare lightning spiders are like 10 times harder than other elements rares.

First xoph i met was with 2 rare thingies that AoEd like insane and 1 of them had other allies cannot die, I instagibbed around 6 times trying to do any dmg for phat lootz. (they were spawned on checkpoint/entrance, so i could insta respawn and die).

Well, I got to play 3 times – right from the get go and then doing breaks. So far in the middle of the Cruel. So far Breaches are pretty weird for my Essence Drain. This Spike attack from mobs are pretty deadly. Never encountered any Beach lord yet Splinters spawns are pretty random for me – sometimes I kill whole lot of Breach mobs and get from little to no of the Cheap POE ORBS, and the other day – I kill few waves and get like 5 or so of them. Breach rings drop from each Breach, but they are pretty much garbage, so I just vendor them.

Up to Merciless now. Some breaches are barren and disappointing. Others are a terrifying swarmed death. My pizzablaster isn’t a fan of anyone touching her,but the breaches are going full Trump on her. Very fun so far, though I can’t get Acquisition working this league, and I missed some early profits because of it. Dang.

Like 50 breach deaths so far and i’m not even 70 on this new league guy. Honestly in my opinion, so far this whole think seems to be more of a XP sink to slow us down than really a way to get more loot or extra XP. The difficulty of then seems to be tuned more toward the “Ziz and Mathil” type of players than the average POE player base.

Totally agree with saintlucifer. Opening breachs above normal means=perma vulnerability/bleeding. This isn’t even funny. You get hit by monsters from breach mobs which are not shown yet (and can’t be damaged) but they kill you. And it is more frustrating then funny.

Yes because it seems like they are their testers. They can watch them playing builds, nerfing skills, buffing mobs arount their character and the rest of the playerbase is not important, or they think everyone will get an 5L belly + bino +death’s in day1.

Level 54, still have no idea how Breach really functions. You either get 6 monsters and are bored or get 100 monsters swarming you and then I still have no idea what really happens. Great exp though. Really regret going for a life based melee build that is not FOTM, I am not looking forward to maps. From the videos of breachlords, I highly doubt I’ll ever kill one.

i am just level 57 so far every breach i open is followed by a lag spike my ping goes up from 70 to over 2,000 yet i have survived a lot of them but some have killed me i am at a pause since last mass disconnection issue because my connection seems to be too unstable to play, my best drop so far is a chaos orb… i’ll have to wait to do maps XD .

At L73, PoE without breach, my rng is amazing. 1ex on 1st day and traded it for an early 6L staff critical to my build, 5L after 6s an infernal mantel bought for 4c and enlighten + 2 empower dropped to Buy Path of Exile ORBS. But breach rings? horrible stats everytime. I wish they arent corrupted. Merc breaches is a no go atm until all res are capped w better gear. Add lag plus op mobs, its suicide to stand within the circle without a good pair of rings on, not with my poor reflexes. Doing maps now trying to find Zana.

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