Blade & Soul: lightning build becoming stronger

With the new buff to sin and lightning build becoming stronger, is there much reason that dark build would be stronger? Unless you’re soloing a true vision boss or are taking in a party where a boss has true vision for some reason and can’t stay in stealth, is there much reason to use dark build to Buy BNS Gold? Aside from preference ofc. It seems rather difficult to constantly keep 5 stacks of poison up atm so wouldn’t lightning be more consistent if you were in a party setting where you weren’t tanking?

Heart Stab + Lightning Pierce + Lightning Rod has a slow animation cancel.
Less reliable ways to stack poison.

More versatile overall, with better access to Poison Breath and Decoy.
Heart Stab/Venom Pierce + Mist Slash + Dark Strike animation cancels very fast, along with Heart Stab + Lightning Crash.
More reliable poison stacking methods.
2x Venom Slash + 1x Shadow Slash comes out very very quickly like RB+LB+F.
A reliable double CC Daze in Cyclone Sweep and Sneak Attack, along with 15 second less cooldown on Stun Shadowless Step.

At Hongmoon 10 you’d only get enough points to add into Mist Slash, Lotus Fury, and Decoy. You have no reason to add into Shadowless Step, Time Bomb, Swifstep, Flash Kick, or Tab Escape.

Again, if you have no problem with focus regeneration, you can switch Shadow Drain to Cyclone Sweep for Cheap BNS Gold. You could also change Shunpo into Sidestep Right for longer iframes.

On a side note, how useful is Decoy Stage 2, the party stealth and party resist, and does the hongmoon party resist affect the user as well? Also it says I get healed off of it but I don’t notice any healing?

(Decoy Stage 1 could use a bit of a buff with 2% HP regen and 5% shield being tiny compared to Dandelion

As a Blade & Soul premium member I feel robbed

To my horror after purchasing premium. I start a new toon and i cannot create one. Because i am limited with two slots.

As a premium member i feel robbed. This is an Appalling business practice. After spending 10 pound for premium they want me to fork out even more money for a slot..

Most F2P games in the West were initially launched as P2P games, and give box buyers and/or subscribers more character slots because they want to cater to their existing/former player-base. I don’t know if there’s a precedent for games that launch as F2P and give subscribers more character slots. On the other hand, ArcheAge launched as F2P and only gives 2, regardless of whether or not you subscribe with Blade And Soul Gold. You have to purchase more slots from the shop whether you’re a F2P player or a subscriber.

When the rest of us spent much more on founders packs to get more character slots. I spent 125$ on a founders pack, I looked at what I could get in that pack and picked that one because it had all the things I wanted to start out with on a new game, and it had premium with it and gave amazing benefits at Rank 4.

I can see why the Gaming Industry is in ruins with posts like these. People just handing over their money for something that should be free. I have been a MMO player for over 15 years and developers have got greedier and greedier because they know mainstream commercial idiots will just hand over their hard earned money..If your paying a Premium its no longer a free to play game and should get basics things to enjoy the game..

You should be ashamed if you feel proud about buying founders pack for a game that was developed over 4 years ago. And are happy because they get free slots. It’s really not smart handing over a 125 dollars. this gives them the incentive to be even more Blade And Soul Power leveling. Enjoy your retarded founders pack. You just gave Ncsoft and other deveolpers permission to walk all over Gamers in the future..Whats Next faster latency slots, High textures packs.. Don’t feel proud about Destroying the gaming Industry..

Blade & Soul: Silverfrost Mountains Dungeon Preview

With the upcoming Silverfrost Mountains expansion NCsoft is introducing eight exciting new dungeons to Blade & Soul—five Expert (blue), and three Heroic (purple). While these will present a significant new challenge for even the most highly trained martial artist, the rewards will be even greater, providing new weapon and accessory upgrade progression paths, Soul Shields, and cosmetic rewards.
Below are brief overviews of the three Heroic dungeons being introduced in the upcoming Silverfrost Mountains expansion.
Awakened Necropolis

A demonic invasion has been sealed inside a city’s walls, and the demons have been making coordinated escape attempts to spread their vile influence Blade And Soul Gold. The demons are rallying their forces once again to smash through the blockade, and it’s up to you to help the Soul Wardens keep them under control.
Battle through a horde of undead to face the Unholy Jiangshi Demon, then you’ll need to split your team up to simultaneously defend separate Demonseal Cores from waves of demons, and finally enter the Necropolis itself to face the Scorpion Queen.
Lair of the Frozen Fang

In the northern parts of the Silverfrost Mountains live a tribe of savage monsters called the Jomu, who kidnap humans to serve as slaves and blood sacrifices. The Jomu worship the Tetralisk Queen as an ancient deity, and are attempting to empower demonic snakes to let them escape their frozen captivity.
Fight your way to the first two bosses Godem the Fist and Jarakhan, and then challenge Court Lady Sa. Next you need to take on Chuchu, a large winged boss that will summon miniature yetis while you attempt to defeat him. You can choose what order you take on the final two bosses, but you won’t be victorious until you defeat both the Bladescale Naga King and Tetralisk Queen.
Avalanche Den

While the Yeti in the Silverfrost region have been known to kidnap the odd villager from time to time, the Angler Yeti is a special case as it uses illusions to lure victims into its clutches Cheap BNS Gold. This has posed a particularly dangerous threat to the locals, and it’s up to you to stop the Angler Yeti and keep it from capturing any further victims.
The Avalanche Den presents a number of unique obstacles, including cavern fungus and giant snowballs that you’ll need to dodge to avoid being grabbed or knocked down. You’ll need to use snowballs to knock the first boss, Mighty Chubarro, from his perch to defeat him. The final boss, the Angler Yeti itself, will attempt to freeze and smash any of those attempting to stop its terrible reign.

Blade And Soul Gathering And Crafting Guilds

What gathering and crafting guilds should I join? I read Psycat’s guide, and most are saying merrypotters+soulwardens, and treefellers+greenthumbs (at least that’s what I understood). What about other toons?

Those are the 2 best crafting professions, and will be for a long time to come, if your goal is to make money. It is kinda sad that the 2 best crafting professions share common gathering. It makes picking anything else pale in comparison.

Anyways, as for other characters, you could do Earthseers for the Charms/Banishing Charms. Radiant Ring can be cool for the gem pouches, but that’s obviously RNG. I personally am doing Acquired Taste + Pottery for my main and Earthseers + Silver Cauldron for my alt. Between the 2 characters, I can make an entire Purification Jar from start to finish (except the Sap, I need to buy that 1 material).

I know this should be under gathering and crafting, but I just wanted a quick answer:

I’ll have 3 toons (most likely. maybe 4). 1 main and 2-3 others.

What gathering and crafting guilds should I join? I read Psycat’s guide, and most are saying merrypotters+soulwardens, and treefellers+greenthumbs (at least that’s what I understood). What about other toons?

Objective: to make decent to Buy BNS Gold. would prefer not to gamble like the gem profession.

Should I just go with the same gathering/crafting on all 3-4 toons? If not, which do you recommend?

I’m in the Blade And Soul Crimson legion

Never seen such a thing in the open world chat of any game. I’m almost always playing with a custom tab open to keep my game serene. But on those occasions where I don’t bother to change it, Old Man Cho chat has been bearable. Very little talk about lolis or boobs or butseks ‘n’ all that. There’s even a recruiting guild called “Family” that posts a lot, and you’d think they’d get trolled into the ground, but nope.

As to what they do talk about…

Mostly the game. But, ya know, you got your trolls everywhere, so I’m not saying it’s pleasant, it’s just not acid eating away your brain.

Edited to add that I’m in the Crimson legion with Blade & Soul Gold, and I haven’t seen any chat about weebs. *shrug* But seriously, if that stuff bothers you, just turn it off. Seems a poor reason to change servers. Get a good guild, be friendly, and make your own community. The jerks are on every server, don’t hop around thinking it’ll be much different.

Also, the time you play is greatly a factor. Prime time is for the angry ten year old badasses. There’s a whole different community on in the early morning.

Im’ sure there are a lot of nice servers with nice people. usually the “nice” ones are the close to dead ones. im sure its not like that for every game. its just my experience.

Yet to experience mature on any f2p game. Faction chat is too spammy to read. I don’t get the idea of putting half a server in one channel. On OMC there has been the occasional jerk that thinks being awesome is putting others down. But for the most part, when I ask a question, I either get ignored or answered in region.

Lock the creation in the heavy populated Blade & Soul servers

Last weekend we had 400 or so Premium queue….now we have 1.5k Much fun to spend 1h + in queue as premium for real.I know queue is unavoidable in first few weeks,but thats why there is server lock for reason.When you check the data and you know the freaking server is on 500% above the capacity just close it.Yeah friends and shits blahblah – they had plenty of time to do so.Now everyday is worse then the previous as more and more people joining and more and more people getting premium,thanks to 10g 30 day premium….I wonder when ncsoft will decide to finally lock the creation in servers like Windrest…perhaps when we reach 5k premium queue ?

They said creation in windrest is closed and few hours later was opened again.Everyone understand there would be Queue Blade & Soul Gold,I knew it for sure as my friends insisted to be on this damn server and I didn’t wanted to play alone,but then again NCsoft it seems to not care at all whats the situation in some servers.Who care,right?

And that was easly avoidable…they had to lock creation few days ago…yes we would still be in queue but not such queue.Last weekend 300-400,after f2p 600-700,yestarday 1k,now 1,5k,tommorow? 2k at prime time?Hype won’t die any soon,it have to pass atleast a month,before most vets get bored of no arena beans and nothing to do,as poh is walking in the park and literally nothing worth to farm.Everyday another tons of people level up to 45 and in the same day they can farm 10g for Prestige pack and that add to the queue…I’m easly making 10g without even selling my soul stones,if I do thats like 6g extra…

Blade And Soul Gold – well atm abit bored to be honest

Got to true profane and already bought the gems I need,now I just level alt.I was expecting we atleast have beans in Arena,but nooo lets just have the easiest end game dungeon in the game just and bunch of newbies that prefer to sell ther gold/evolve stones for BNS Gold and get carried in poh with ther junk 36 crap after nearly 2 weeks of headstart…Well I carried some but not willing to do that anymore.Arena no beans,poh not worth farming it(don’t need any costume/accessory and perfumes are some silver) anddd well there is nothing else.

I was hoping we get BSH/Mushin few weeks to a month after release,but NOOO they just aim to follow the epic fail of JApan and China with slow updates and massive player decline,because frankly if they really plan to patch to BSH “not next year but in FEW months” I doubt they will have that much hyper players left to wait for that.

The game has been fun, Faction and Dailies keep me busy. I got the Faction Soul Shields and I am working toward upgrading my weapon so I can pull my weight a little more. I got a little PvP experience but I am still a long way away from being a good SIN. So far this game has been very memorable

The lack of content is def a thing it take average 3-4 hours to do 40 daileys depending on your groups and how long the bosses take to spawn in endless supply chain….

But you have to remember your hype is why your disappointed you were so hyped for Blade & Soul Gold you rushed thru content to max level then grinded for your upgrades so after 1 week you have nothing to do ( im in same boat right now ) on a game that only has 1/4 or less of its content…

If you look on the bright side tho i’m pretty sure they said we would be caught up to the other versions in a year so thats 3 years on content in 1 year you wont be bored for long so just stick with it for now..

Let NCSoft know about this topic assuming they might notice this post

That was propably about the worst excuse anyone could give for that really.
Assuming that NCSoft didnt lie to us and EU actually does have servers in germany, they have literally nothing to do with the NA servers aside teh fact that the login server is shared.

that said, for me the first harvest happens at 8pm at my local time, so im quite fine with it. it’s early enough for me to participate on it with no issues if i wish to torture my pc with the lag it generates.

I wanted to note that Harvest times are bad for us but as I said it would make no difference for me if they stay as they wants Blade & Soul Gold. Just wanted to know about other people’s opinions about the times and let NCSoft know about this topic assuming they might notice this post.

Another solution could be making the events every 4-6 hour intervals which would cause them to be scattered during day for both regions so people can pick which time suit them best. This would just add the number of Harvests a day. Not sure if this would be impossible or does it give too much advantage to those who could get each harvest as I don’t know other reason to do Harvest than get dailies done.

For me it would be at worst scenario none done. You need certain amount of damage done to the bosses and sometimes one Harvest isn’t enough to get you the dailies done. At worst it takes few days to get this quest done if you can catch only one a day. Sometimes I end up coming home after this 8 pm time or I simply have to do my projects until 8 pm so possibly the first one is a miss. Then I could probably catch the second one and even then it is not certain I get the quest done. Third one at 2 am is a definitely a no considering it will take nearly an hour to complete if there are only few people around. Some people have to wake up at 6 am (like I do) so that would mean 3-4 h sleep. Not going to lose sleep because of quest so I rather drop trying this whole Harvest stuff.

The last event for NA is also at 2AM GMT-4. I think they have different timers for the two zones. They actually just picked obnoxious times for the events.

EDIT: I thought that you thought that they were keeping one time across both zones and that that was why the time was weird Blade & Soul Items. Doesn’t even make sense anyways since it would go the other way. Disregard my silliness.

Blade & Soul LB and RB is so damn huge and i tested the class

No mmo was designed to be played with over 100 ms and no matter what class u play you can’t extract the max potention of the class with high ping.True some classes are faily decent with high ping but yet u`ll never be on par with low ping people.

Whatever we say Meles are not playble with over 200.Of course there is people with experience of over 1 year who can play fairly decent with 200ish but they spend years to master this class to the level they are and yet every half smart newbie with under 100 ms and same gear will outdps them by Blade & Soul Gold. Of course there is bad people with low ping anyway but thats diff story.

Beside summoner there is not really any other class that can be played at all with over 200 ping(even summoner is not that good with high ping).As FM due of ping i have to spam only LB + fire spells because the delay between LB and RB is so damn huge and i tested the class in the unmentioned server and there i definitely could spam both fire and ice spells but there i have 30 ping….in Taiwan im loosing too much time to switch from fire to ice and back to fire its just making it pointless unless you really need some life steal…

Anyway beside BM no other mele can do much with high ping and its all because BM have too ridiculous burst.I understand they have to tank and burst is needed but ther burst is on insane level…

Blade & Soul Constant 40-70 Ping

Rite then, I’d like to give out my opinion, if i may.
Assassin, this is my main class and im playing it with constant 40-70 ping. The most enjoyable time is when you can spam RB + F as many as possible without getting any single delay on that. But i believe more higher than 100 ping can make the player thinks this class sucks. Since the main DPS generator of Assassin is RB and F and it requires low ping cauz’ we’re talking about the speed of the attack.

Well, no much talking in this one. Once Assassin got caught, most probably it died. So, the higher ping player got, the chance of getting caught is bigger. ;_; . With 40-70 ping, i can sit on 1600 to 1700 on arena. And also for the throw bomb + web combo, i almost sure that it cant be done with high ping. I mean even if you got sleight of hand, but the game still needs a delay for it, im sure it will fail.

True enough Assassin can still be played with high ping ex : about 120+, you can still do dmg or whatev such things needed to kill sth, but for Blade And Soul Gold, its unbearable. One day i got about 100 higher ping because of ISP problem, and that time i was doing Yeti. usually i can dodge the ice slam up to 7 slams, but that time with just 3 slams i got freezed. Both Q and E got little cast time to cast *Never tried the tier 1 branch 1* and also for back flip a.k.a SS which only give invul when your chara is not touching the ground, which i believe its hard, if the player got high ping.

Having said that, I’ve never been able to ani-cancel as others have been describing and only seen it via YouTube / read others experiences on it.

It’s nice to see that people think certain classes might be comfortable to play with 200+ms but I see that being an unacceptable compromise: Be effective and choose a class you might not like as much or choose a class you prefer the play style/idea of and potentially invoke the ire and rage of others when you physically can’t perform as well as others / be frustrated with the play experience.