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POE: some breaches are barren and disappointing

Got any GG drops? Checked out new uniques? And new mob types? How tough are Beach Lords? How is Atlas progression? How are Breaches in Maps? How much rewards you reap form Breaches on averagE?

Just met first unique boss in breach in cruel act2 (guess it was xoph? Like 50 other mobs around so it was hard to say). Also first named chests a bit before. Some 100 splinters and around 10-15 breach rings so far. Also those rare lightning spiders are like 10 times harder than other elements rares.

First xoph i met was with 2 rare thingies that AoEd like insane and 1 of them had other allies cannot die, I instagibbed around 6 times trying to do any dmg for phat lootz. (they were spawned on checkpoint/entrance, so i could insta respawn and die).

Well, I got to play 3 times – right from the get go and then doing breaks. So far in the middle of the Cruel. So far Breaches are pretty weird for my Essence Drain. This Spike attack from mobs are pretty deadly. Never encountered any Beach lord yet Splinters spawns are pretty random for me – sometimes I kill whole lot of Breach mobs and get from little to no of the Cheap POE ORBS, and the other day – I kill few waves and get like 5 or so of them. Breach rings drop from each Breach, but they are pretty much garbage, so I just vendor them.

Up to Merciless now. Some breaches are barren and disappointing. Others are a terrifying swarmed death. My pizzablaster isn’t a fan of anyone touching her,but the breaches are going full Trump on her. Very fun so far, though I can’t get Acquisition working this league, and I missed some early profits because of it. Dang.

Like 50 breach deaths so far and i’m not even 70 on this new league guy. Honestly in my opinion, so far this whole think seems to be more of a XP sink to slow us down than really a way to get more loot or extra XP. The difficulty of then seems to be tuned more toward the “Ziz and Mathil” type of players than the average POE player base.

Totally agree with saintlucifer. Opening breachs above normal means=perma vulnerability/bleeding. This isn’t even funny. You get hit by monsters from breach mobs which are not shown yet (and can’t be damaged) but they kill you. And it is more frustrating then funny.

Yes because it seems like they are their testers. They can watch them playing builds, nerfing skills, buffing mobs arount their character and the rest of the playerbase is not important, or they think everyone will get an 5L belly + bino +death’s in day1.

Level 54, still have no idea how Breach really functions. You either get 6 monsters and are bored or get 100 monsters swarming you and then I still have no idea what really happens. Great exp though. Really regret going for a life based melee build that is not FOTM, I am not looking forward to maps. From the videos of breachlords, I highly doubt I’ll ever kill one.

i am just level 57 so far every breach i open is followed by a lag spike my ping goes up from 70 to over 2,000 yet i have survived a lot of them but some have killed me i am at a pause since last mass disconnection issue because my connection seems to be too unstable to play, my best drop so far is a chaos orb… i’ll have to wait to do maps XD .

At L73, PoE without breach, my rng is amazing. 1ex on 1st day and traded it for an early 6L staff critical to my build, 5L after 6s an infernal mantel bought for 4c and enlighten + 2 empower dropped to Buy Path of Exile ORBS. But breach rings? horrible stats everytime. I wish they arent corrupted. Merc breaches is a no go atm until all res are capped w better gear. Add lag plus op mobs, its suicide to stand within the circle without a good pair of rings on, not with my poor reflexes. Doing maps now trying to find Zana.

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Albion Online, also known as AO, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for Microsoft Windows personal computers, developed and published by Square Enix in 2010. It is the fourteenth entry in the main Final Fantasy series and the second MMORPG in the series after Albion Online. Set in the fantasy realm of Eorzea, players take control of a customized avatar as they explore the land and are caught up in both an invasion by the hostile Garlean Empire and the threat of the Primals, the deities of the land’s Beastmen tribes. Eventually, they are embroiled in a plot by a Garlean Legatus to destroy the Primals by bringing one of the planet’s moons down on Eorzea. Prepares The Product For Albion Online Gold

Albion Online (AO) is a medieval fantasy MMORPG being developed by Sandbox Interactive, a studio based in Berlin, Germany. Players can currently purchase “Founder’s Packs” which grant access to the closed beta play-tests which have been run intermittently by Sandbox Interactive. Due to several factors, the development was beset by problems that would later have drastic effects on the game. Attempts to bring the game to Xbox 360 consoles fell through due to disagreements with Microsoft about the use of Xbox Live.

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Trove: could have randomly generated villages in different biome

Unless you sorted them out based on PR. That’s literally how I thought it was going to be when I first heard about PVP. I thought it was 1V1 deathmatch and you got someone of equal strength to you. And then I was disappointed.

I did think of something like an open PvP world, fixated maps (There will only be one single world, no other new worlds will be generated), factions/guilds etc. with dungeons. Then again, there are lots of complications about this and if Trion was to work on this, based on my calculations it would probably take more than one year.

Comparing it to minecraft we could have randomly generated villages in different biome that sell resources or even buy them for Trove Flux. We could also have different structures like a pyramid which us randomly generated so we don’t just get free loot.

Anyone remember the biome mixing mishaps they fixed? It would be great for adding them back, those were fun. As for story related stuff, its really hard to implument that on a eng based map, especially if you wanna make towns be a thing. We CAN use peaceful hills as town area, but i see a big problem in the questline, unless its handled like the golden thread, but going only as far as normal DOTM in difficulty.

i don’t like the idea of comparing trove to/making trove more similar to minecraft. they’re different games with different features and goals. more lore and quests would be GREAT, but sticking it all in minecraft-style villages?

maybe a few questgivers in the hub could be nice, as well as quest-starter items found in adventure worlds. the items could be found via a trail of clues to keep it from just being more grinding & rng. i’d love if there were quests to Buy Trove Flux and explore ruins that visually tell the history of trove, or like, to find and assemble bits of relics that hold a story. basically i wanna do archaeology quests, hehe. there could even be a few easter eggs like excavating robot parts in permafrost.

oh yeah & adventure worlds as a globe instead of ending in seas of regret would be suuuper nice. i hate having to stop and turn around, especially in drowned worlds where you have to travel farther to get to each dungeon & as a result run into regretful waters way faster than in prime.

Trove: it’s always been casual friendly

For the love of god, please increase the sucess rate for leveling up gems. I tried leveling up a lvl 11 gem 10x WITH BOOSTER (horseshoe) and got 10 fails, god knows that if I hadnt use the booster it would have cracked 2/3 times. How can the rate be this low for a lvl 11 gem? I can just imagine the pain of getting it to lvl 25 when you need 1000 dust+ for 1 lvl up, 10 fails =10000 dust = 5 days of farming just lost = people quitting this game.

Before the MoP patch, I have tons of fun playing Trove because of the freedoms that it offers, when I am bored of killing stuffs, I can go flying around mining ores, looking for sky giants, fishing on top of a volcano, planting steed feed and rich fertilizers all over my club, basically I can to buy trove items and do anything I want, and still be able to progress by upgrading gears with the profit I made.

I am definitely in the same boat as you, OP. I am fortunate enough to get to be a stay-at-home mom. Trove has been my go-to game for some time now. I got my hands on it back during closed Beta and have loved every minute of it. I’m not stranger to grinds and taking changes with a grain of salt. This gem system had me so excited, I convinced my husband we were wasting our time on other games when MoP came out, and got him back to being a full-time Trovian.

Now, my favorite thing about Trove is that it’s always been casual friendly in a sense that I can do whatever I want when I want. The update has me grinding out boxes between loads of laundry and chasing around my youngest. It’s been great, until this week. It sort of hit me like a truck. My main is Draco, and that’s the contest this week. I thought I was doing pretty well, then I noticed how quickly I was falling behind. I wanted to remain top 25, so I thought I’d push a little more.

Everyday, I’ve made sure to farm around 700 boxes of one type. My goal: To get a good radiant gem in all my spots. Thus far, I’ve been stuck at water. Hours of farming and I can hardly level up my class gem. It’s been stuck on 16 for days. All of the radiant gems I’ve gotten from boxes have had PD on them. No joke. Today, I decided to switch it up and go to fire. Maybe I needed to give water a rest through the Trove Flux for sale. My first chunk of boxes… dust, dust, awesome radiant gem with PD, dust, gem with HR and H% and CD. I can use that, but it’s taking a hit on my damage pretty hard.

Sorry for the long post, but I just can’t seem to stomach it anymore. I shut my game down and told myself I might as well forget getting back in the top 25. Okay, I can live with that. But I’ve burnt myself out on the grind and now the idea of farming is nauseating. Grinds are great, if you know you can reach a goal. When the grind is so thick with RNG, it loses it’s appeal when you’ve failed for the 20th time.