The Closed Beta of Albion Online

we would like to answer a few of the common questions concerning Albion Online’s Closed Beta.

When does the Closed Beta start?
– The Closed Beta starts on November 23rd. The exact time we will announce when we draw closer to that date.

How long will the Closed Beta be?
– We do not have a definite end date yet. However, we are looking at a period significantly longer than the Alphas (read: months).

Will the servers stay online after the test starts?
– Unless anything terrible happens (think alien invasion or apocalypse), that is the plan. I.e. no more extended development or downtime phases during which servers are completely offline.

Will there be a wipe after the Closed Beta starts?
– Currently, our plan is to have one more wipe after we start our Closed Beta, although we do not know when exactly at this point.

Who can participate in the Closed Beta Test?
– All our Founders can participate in this test.
Legendary Founders will start on the 23rd of November, Epic Founders on the 24th, the Veteran Founders on the 25th.

Can you stream the Closed Beta?
– Sure can! We hope you do!

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